LANUSYNCON - At the Science Policy Interface: LANd Use SYNergies and CONflicts within the framework of the 2030 Agenda


Land use, conflicts, synergies, Agenda 2030, agriculture, land degradation, biodiversity loss, agriculture, gender, climate change, health, Science Policy Interface


Africa particularly East Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Sudan


In LANUYSNCON, we try to answer urgent questions about the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources. This requires the conceptual and practical involvement of different perspectives, actors and research fields. Using case study in sub-Sahara Africa, particularly in Kenya and Tanzania, we examine the complex trade-offs between different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The aim is to provide results that will help to understand and consider impacts of land use decisions beyond the respective policy sector in order to promote coherent land use policies.


  • Dynamic Bayesian network analysis
  • Decision modelling
  • Structured interviews
  • GIS analysis
Main Cooperation Partners

Main Funding Partners


Hermans, K., Berger, E., Biber-Freudenberger, L., Bossenbroek, L., Ebeler, L., Groth, J., Hack, J., Hanspach, J., Hintz, K.S., Kimengsi, J.N., Kwong, Y.M.C. Oakes, R., Pagogna, R., Plieninger, T., Sterly, H., van der Geest, K., van Vliet, J., Wiederkehr, C. (2021). Crisis-induced disruptions in place-based social-ecological research ‐ an opportunity for redirection. GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 30 (2), pp. 72-76(5).

See further publication on LANUSYNCON website.

Duration of the Project

1 July 2020 to 30 June 2025

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