NutriHAF-Africa - Diversifying agriculture for balanced nutrition through fruits and vegetables in multi-storey cropping systems


Nutrition, horticulture, multi-storey cropping systems, biodiversity


Ethiopia, Madagascar


The research and capacity building project explores and integrates appropriate fruit and vegetable crops into multi-storey cropping systems to increase (micro-) nutrition security, diversify and intensify agriculture and thus to reduce pressure on natural habitats in biodiversity hotspots. By utilizing a gender-sensitive participatory action research, by increasing knowledge about appropriate fruits and vegetables and by improving knowledge on food behavior and adoption constraints, the project will ensure that the needs and preferences of poor male and female smallholders are considered and thus increase the adoption potential. Furthermore, capacity building will increase the awareness and knowledge of farmers, consumers and decision takers about balanced diets, nutritional values of different foods, fruit and vegetable production and processing, food preparation and quality. Finally, the project will sensitize extension services and policy makers on the importance of nutrition diversified agriculture, explicitly incorporating nutrition objectives into agricultural programmes, projects and policies.


The project will make use of different research methods, amongst others:

  • A mainly qualitatively, gender-disaggregated analysis of the farming system, livelihoods, food growing and consumption behavior of farmers and consumers in the nearest market place;
  • A quantitative sex-disaggregated survey (max. 1h/person) with male and female household members;
  • On-farm or community trials integrating fruits and vegetables in multi-storey cropping systems;
  • Desk studies to assess agricultural requirements of high-priority species;
  • Policy dialogue at local and regional level through targeted information and round-table forums;
  • Gender-sensitive participatory extension methods;
  • Best practice workshops for smallholder farmers and extension services aiming to increase food quality and reduce food waste;
  • Promotion of and training in fruit and vegetable processing
Main Cooperation Partners

Research organizations:

  • AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center
  • FOFIFA – Centre National de la Recherche Appliquée au Développement Rural, Madagascar
  • KoGa – Horticulture Center of Competence, Germany
  • IZNE – International Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein Sieg, Germany
  • UoA – University of Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • ZEF – The Center for Development Research, Germany

International, regional and national research and development networks:

  • ASARECA – Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
  • FANRPAN – Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network
  • GlobalHort – The Global Horticulture Initiative

Capacity building and knowledge transfer and implementing organizations:

  • ECFF – Environment and Coffee Forest Forum, Ethiopia
  • Horticulture Innovation Lab, USA
  • German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture  
  • WHH – Welthungerhilfe, Madagascar
Main Funding Partners

German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture  

Further information

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NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 1 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 2 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 3 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 4 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 5 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 6 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 7 » Download
NutriHAF Policy Brief No. 8 » Download

NutriHAF. 2018. Vegetable species for multi-storey cropping systems and human nutrition. Booklet in English and Oromifa, compiled by the NutriHAF team Gudrun B. Keding, Simone K. Kriesemer, Edossa Etissa, Techane Gonfa and Admassu Tesso.
» Download (english)
» Download (Orofima)

NutriHAF. 2018. Légumes et fruits dans les systèmes de culture en multi-étages et leur importance dans l’équilibre alimentaire. Cas de la Région Atsimo-Atsinanana, Madagascar. Booklet in French.
» Download (french)

Duration of the Project

3 / 2015 – 12 / 2018


Extended team


Jochen Dürr

Jochen Dürr