STRIVE – Sustainable TRade and InnoVation transfer in the bioEconomy: From National Strategies to Global Sustainable Development Goals


bioeconomy, trade, technological innovation, sustainability, governance


This research project aims at improving the knowledge base for the design of sustainable bioeconomy policies and investments with a focus on international regulatory frameworks.

An alignment of bioeconomic societal transformation with global Sustainable Development Goals involves multiple complex governance challenges. To address these challenges, this project aims at (1) enhancing public and private decision-makers’ capacity to tailor bioeconomy related policies and investments according to regional and local sustainable comparative advantages and at (2) identifying essential ingredients of international and national regulatory frameworks to promote social and environmental benefits of biobased transformation.

The project focuses on transnational biomass flows and innovation transfer in selected bioeconomy sectors with an emphasis on major biomass and knowledge producing countries and regions.


(1) Mapping and measuring the global bioeconomy to identify and quantify current conditions, drivers and outcomes of bioeconomic transformations.

(2) Exploring global bioeconomy scenarios via empirical evaluations and global trade model based assessments to identify unintended consequences of bioeconomy policy and innovation trends.

(3) Designing governance frameworks for sustainable bio-based commodity trade and technology/knowledge transfers.

Main Cooperation Partners

  • Institut für Lebensmittel- und Ressourcenökonomik (ILR)
  • Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ)
  • Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP)
  • Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  • Universität Münster
Main Funding Partners



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Duration of the Project

2016 – 2021

Project Homepage

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Börner (project coordinator)
  • PD Dr. Wolfgang Britz
  • Prof. Dr. Stephanie Bröring
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Dietz
  • Dr. Jochen Dürr
  • Dr. Janosch Förster
  • Dr. Nicolas Gerber
  • Dr. Natalie Laibach
  • Dr. Jingwen Li
  • Dr. Till Stellmacher


Jan Börner

Prof. Dr. Jan Börner


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