Globalisation of Knowledge


This project has been completed in 2002/3, but analysis of field data still continues. These field data on the role and impact of development experts were collected during surveys in Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Indonesia and in the Philippines confirm that the majority of basic development strategies and concepts originate from university departments and research institutes, but are “authorized” by major development organizations, led by the World Bank. While translating concepts into practice, experts tend to construct virtual worlds of development and underdevelopment through extensive report writing. Networking and exchange of knowledge among development experts is limited and mostly confined within national organizational boundaries. Networks are often controlled by “gate-keepers”, which reduces the flow of information and knowledge. Local experts tend to fall in line with global trends rather than utilizing their local knowledge.

Main Cooperation Partners

Prof. Dr. Peter Weingart, University of Bielefeld

Main Funding Partners

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


  • Hans-Dieter Evers
  • Markus Kaiser


Hans-Dieter Evers

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Evers


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