EMD - The Efficiency of Micro-Development. Theoretical Modeling and Empirical Studies


Efficiency and Productivity, Quantitative Measurement of Micro-Performance, Theoretical Modeling


Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Brazil


(1) the economic assessment of development processes on the micro level
(2) the quantification of the relativ performance of production units, households and sectors
(3) the formulation of adequate policy measures to adress inefficient resource use
(4) to make a contribution to consistent modeling

Main Cooperation Partners

different projects within ZEF:
e.g. PASAD, Eastern Amazon, GLOWA

Main Funding Partners

staff funded by ZEF, doctoral students funded by respective projects

Duration of the Project

June 2004 - June 2007


Senior Staff:

  • Mr Johannes Sauer

Doctoral Students:

  • Mr Holger Seebens
  • Mr Tsegaye Yilma
  • Mr Jumanne Abdallah
  • Mr Hardwick Tchale
  • Ms Arisbe Mendoza


Johannes Sauer

Prof. Dr. Johannes Sauer