IWRM Ghana - Integrated Water Resources Management, Knowledge and Technology Transfer in the Densu River Basin, Ghana


Natural resources management, knowledge management, environmental standards, social standards, poverty




The catchment area of the Densu River Basin (2.490 km) serves as an example of demonstrating the constraints and potentials of an integrated sustainable management of contaminated waters in sub-saharan Africa. The Densu is used for the supply of drinking water, including a large section of the capital city Accra. The project proposed comprises investigations about

a) current reform processes in the Ghanaian water sector (PSP, IWRM pilot project in the Densu basin),
b) knowledge and capacities among various actors, including research and development,
c) technologies in use and opportunities of knowledge and technology transfer in the domains of water supply, waste water treatment and re-use.

Based on the results a concept of research and development will be designed in cooperation with stakeholders in Ghana and Germany.

Main Cooperation Partners

  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Sauerborn, Institut für Pflanzenproduktion und Agrarökologie in den Tropen und Subtropen der Universität Hohenheim (UH), 70593 Stuttgart-Hohenheim
  • Gunther Geller, Ingenieurökologische Vereinigung, 86150 Augsburg
  • Water Research Institute, P.O. Box M.32, Accra - Ghana
Main Funding Partners

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Duration of the Project

January 2005 – June 2005


Gabi Waibel

Dr. Gabi Waibel