WAC SRT - West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation


Rural Development in West Africa, Sustainable Academic Capacity Building, Renewable Energies, Agricultural Water Management


Ghana, Niger (so far); Long-range planning: Involve other West African countries & international students


Matter of the project

  • Development of interdisciplinary research and teaching programs that will produce the required knowledge, applicable technological solutions, locally adapted business models and administrative approaches.
  • Involvement of new and existing locally-adapted sustainable technologies in the fields of renewable energy generation and agricultural water management as well as tutorials for personnel in these management fields.
  • Devise of a new master program in Sustainable Rural Transformation at the UAM in Niger, combining technical aspects of renewable energy generation and irrigation agriculture with socio-economic and development management perspectives. Building a combined solar-power and irrigation agriculture infrastructure for research and demonstration purposes.
  • Extension of a master program in Development Planning and Agricultural Economics at the University of Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana.
  • Creation of a new curriculum for an interdisciplinary PhD-program in Sustainable Rural Transformation.

Main objectives of the project

  • Enhancement of the research and teaching capacities and infrastructure of the African partner institutions.
  • Ensure the transnational character of our approach towards sustainable rural development through three faculties at universities in Niger and Ghana, which represent the different natural science/engineering, agribusiness/rural economics, as well as development governance aspects that complement.
  • Bridging rural-urban and Anglophone-Francophone divides: Advanced experiences in the realm of renewable energy generation and agricultural water management developed by the partners from Niger will benefit Ghana, especially in the light of its looming energy crisis and increasing climatic pressure. At the same time, innovative approaches in agricultural commercialization and locally adapted decentralized development planning developed in Ghana can strengthen sustainable rural transformation in Niger.
  • Development of innovative managerial and technological solutions that will contribute to sustainable rural development and political stability in West Africa. Also Training of experts who are able to implement these solutions.
  • Dissemination of locally adapted sustainable technologies, business models as well as development approaches across West Africa.


  • Common elaboration of curricula at the host universities in Niger and Ghana.
  • Staff training through short courses, conference travels, and postdoctoral fellowships at ZEF.
  • Stipends for (international) PhD and Master Students who will participate in Student exchanges, cross-teaching, as well as in common summer schools and PhD-courses.
  • The Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana (ISSER) will provide the regional expertise for extra-curricular staff- and student capacity building measures such as methodological and professional training in the form of short courses and summer schools.

Main Cooperation Partners

  1. University of Bonn, Germany / Center for Development Research Bonn (ZEF)
  2. Université Abdou Moumouni (UAM) Niamey, Niger / Faculty of Science and Technology
  3. University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana / Institute for Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER)
  4. University for Development Studies (UDS), Wa & Tamale, Ghana / Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM) & Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Science (FACS)

Main Funding Partners

Budget for four years: 1.8 Million Euros

Further information

Logos and photos of our team and funding partners

Calls for Application
Scholarships for an Integrated Master Program for Sustainable Transformation of Rural Area (2 years)
West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC SRT)
Application deadline: June 15, 2020
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Scholarships for M.Phil Development Management Programme (2 years)
University for Development Studies
Application deadline: August 25, 2020
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Scholarships for M.Phil Agricultural Economics Programme (2 years)
University for Development Studies
Application deadline: August 30, 2020
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Duration of the Project

October 2017 – December 2021



  • Dr. Wolfram Laube (Senior Researcher)
  • Lani Doehring (Student Assistant)


  • Prof. Rabani Adamou


  • Dr. Emmanuel Derbile
  • Dr. Michael Ayamga


  • Prof. Felix Asante
  • Dr. Charles Ackah


Wolfram Laube

Dr. Wolfram Laube