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Latest publications

A social-psychological reconstruction of Amartya Sen’s measures of inequality and social welfare
by Oded Stark and Wiktor Budzinski, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 311
September 15, 2021. Download [PDF | 543.87KB]

A holistic sustainability assessment of organic (certified and non-certified) and non-organic smallholder farms in Kenya
Article by Juliet Wanjiku Kamau et al. in Springer Environment, Development and Sustainability (2021)
September 06, 2021. » more September 06, 2021. Download [JPG | 894.03KB]

Employer sanctions: A policy with a pitfall?
by Oded Stark and Marcin Jakubek, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 310
August 23, 2021. Download [PDF | 393.88KB]

Land use mapping using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series in a heterogeneous landscape in Niger, Sahel
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Volume 178, August 2021, Pages 97-111
June 28, 2021. » more

Effect of extreme weather events on child health in rural Uganda
by Emily Injete Amondo, Alisher Mirzabaev and Emmanuel Nshakira-Rukundo, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 309
June 04, 2021. Download [PDF | 1.90MB]

Menopause as a regulatory device for matching the demand for children with its supply: A hypothesis
by Oded Stark, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 308
June 02, 2021. Download [PDF | 357.91KB]

Children in left-behind migrant households: education and gender equality
by Sundus Saleemi, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 307
June 01, 2021. Download [PDF | 791.03KB]

Understanding Strategic Decisions of Digital Agricultural Platform Companies
Six Case Studies of Sub-Saharan African Platforms - by Matthias von Bismarck-Osten, ZEF Working Paper no. 209
May 19, 2021. Download [PDF | 1.22MB]

Entwicklungspolitische Rechtsförderung, Außenwirtschaftspolitik und Gefahren für kleinbäuerliche Landwirtschaft in afrikanischen Ländern
by Friederike Diaby-Pentzlin, ZEF Working Paper no. 208
May 05, 2021. Download [PDF | 945.34KB]

COVID-19: Emergence, spread and its impact on the Indian economy and migrant workers
by Ashok Gulati, Shyma Jose, B.B. Singh, ZEF Working Paper no. 207
April 26, 2021. Download [PDF | 1.47MB]