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Latest publications

UN Food Systems Summit 2021 – What Role Science and Innovation in the Summit and in Countries’ Plans and Why?
by Joachim von Braun, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 325
January 18, 2023. Download [PDF | 833.70KB]

Women’s Autonomy in Maternal Healthcare Decision-making in Urban Ghana
by Andaratu Achuliwor Khalid, Dennis Lucy Avilés Irahola and Adam Salifu, ZEF Working Paper no. 219
January 18, 2023. Download [PDF | 1.62MB]

The global food crisis will not be over when international prices are back to normal
by Lukas Kornher and Joachim von Braun, ZEF Policy Brief no. 42
January 24, 2023. Download [PDF | 708.83KB]

A pure theory of population distribution when preferences are ordinal
by Oded Stark and Grzegorz Kosiorowski, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 324
January 11, 2023. Download [PDF | 625.73KB]

COVID-19 economic impacts and social protection in African low and middle income countries
by Lukas Kornher and Joachim von Braun, ZEF Policy Brief no. 41
January 10, 2023. Download [PDF | 445.42KB]

The Effect of COVID-19 and Associated Lockdown Measures on Household Consumption, Income, and Employment: Evidence from sub-Saharan African Countries
by Muhammed Abdella Usman, Annet Adong, Emily Injete, Makafui Dzudzor, Tigabu Degu Getahun, Jemberu Lulie and Lukas Kornher, ZEF Working Paper no. 218
December 22, 2022. Download [PDF | 1.60MB]

Institutional and macroeconomic stability mediate the effect of auctions on renewable energy capacity
by Pablo Mac Clay, Jan Börner and Jorge Sellare, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 323
December 12, 2022. Download [PDF | 1.10MB]

Risk-laden migration as a response to relative deprivation: A hypothesis
by Oded Stark, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 322
December 07, 2022. Download [PDF | 334.39KB]

African Continental Free Trade Agreement: A Review of Analyses of Likely Impacts and Challenges of Implementation
by Mengistu Alamneh Wassie, Lukas Kornher and Joachim von Braun, ZEF Working Paper no. 217
December 02, 2022. Download [PDF | 2.78MB]

Agglomeration, pollution, and migration: A substantial link, and policy design
by Oded Stark, Yu Pang, and Simon Fan, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 321
November 30, 2022. Download [PDF | 600.59KB]