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Latest publications

Role of Farmers’ Organizations in Agricultural Transformation in Africa: Overview of Continental, Regional, and Selected National Level Organizations
by Willi Kampmann and Oliver K. Kirui, ZEF Working Paper no. 205
February 18, 2021. Download [PDF | 1.77MB]

An optimal split of school classes
by Oded Stark, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 306
February 12, 2021. Download [PDF | 404.88KB]

Community influence as an explanatory factor why Roma children get little schooling
by Oded Stark and Ruxanda Berlinschi, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 305
January 29, 2021. Download [PDF | 578.18KB]

'Civilizing' Resource Investments and Extractivism. Eds. Wolfram Laube and Aline R.B. Pereira
Read this book with case studies from South America and West Africa on societal negotiations and the role of law.
January 14, 2021. » more

Promoting inclusive bioeconomies? Lessons from agri-food governance and the politics of the sustainable development goals in South America
prepared by Mairon G. Bastos Lima and Karen M. Siegel, ZEF Policy Brief no. 37
December 17, 2020. Download [PDF | 960.99KB]

Exploring the impact of multidimensional refugee vulnerability on distancing as a protective measure against COVID-19: The case of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Turkey
Peer-reviewed journal article by ZEF researchers Dima Al Munajed and Elizabeth Ekren. Photo by Gerd Altmann, https://pixabay.com/
December 18, 2020. » more

Local communities and wildlife consumption bans
Paper published in Nature Sustainability

ZEF Alumna Denise Margaret Matias is co-author of the paper: of the paper "Local communities and wildlife consumption bans" published in Nature Sustainabiliy.

Her Expert Group SIANI Agriculture led by NTFP-EP calls for the inclusion of Indigenous and local communities in decisions on wildlife consumption bans related to COVID.

Read Article here:


December 11, 2020. » more

Parental Gender Stereotypes and Student Wellbeing in China
by Shuai Chu, Xiangquan Zeng, and Klaus F. Zimmermann, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 303
November 27, 2020. Download [PDF | 336.49KB]

An adverse social welfare effect of quadruply gainful trade
by Oded Stark and Grzegorz Kosiorowski, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 302
November 09, 2020. Download [PDF | 583.66KB]

Indian farm wages: Trends, growth drivers and linkages with food prices
by Shweta Saini, Ashok Gulati, Joachim von Braun, and Lukas Kornher, ZEF Discussion Paper no. 301
November 09, 2020. Download [PDF | 931.87KB]