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Latest publications

Sudan’s disastrous war — and the science it is imperilling
Column in Nature magazine's "World view" by former ZEF International Advisory Board Chair Mohamed Hassan
November 06, 2023. » more

ZEF Discussion Paper No. 335: Measuring income inequality in social networks
by Oded Stark, Jakub Bielawski and Fryderyk Falniowski
November 02, 2023. Download [PDF | 657.91KB]

Participation and forest protected areas in Chile: Insights from Mapuche and peasant communities
by Guillermo Pacheco Habert, Alejandro Mora-Motta, Till Stellmacher, Francisco Ther-Ríos, ZEF Working Paper no. 226
October 27, 2023. Download [PDF | 1.43MB]

ZEF Discussion Paper No. 334: Drought Shocks and Labor Reallocation in Rural Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia
by Arnold L. Musungu, Zaneta Kubik, and Matin Qaim
October 11, 2023. Download [PDF | 754.48KB]

ZEF Discussion Paper No. 333: Can altruism lead to a willingness to take risks?
by Oded Stark
October 11, 2023. Download [PDF | 291.62KB]

ZEF Working Paper 224: White Revolution in India: What smallholders can do given the right ecosystem
by Ashok Gulati and Ritika Juneja
September 21, 2023. Download [PDF | 1.51MB]

September 2023 - Supporting Sustainable Solutions
September 13, 2023. Download [PDF | 1.63MB]

ZEF Discussion Paper No. 332: Farmer-friendly delivery of veterinary services: Experimental insights from the Kenyan dairy sector
by Kevin W. Maina, Martin C. Parlasca, Elizaphan J.O. Rao, and Matin Qaim
September 12, 2023. Download [PDF | 535.23KB]

ZEF Working Paper 223: Scaling aquaculture for food security and employment in Africa: Insights from Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria
by John K. Walakira, Etienne Hinrichsen, Victoria Tarus, Sandra Langi, Nabil Ahmad Ibrahim, Olanrewaju Badmus, Andrew Aziz and Heike Baumüller
August 17, 2023. Download [PDF | 866.04KB]

New ZEF Policy Brief 47 (Spanish)
Estrategia uruguaya para una bioeconomía circular y sostenible: desafíos el promover la ciencia, tecnología e innovación. by Kefeli, D. ; Silva Carrazzone, M.E..
July 28, 2023. Download [PDF | 1.07MB]