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Book chapters

Abdullaev I, Giordano M, Rasulov A.  2007.  Cotton in Uzbekistan: Water and Welfare.  In: Kodiyati D et al (eds.): Cotton Sector in Central Asia. SOAS.   112-128.  Download [PDF]
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Antons, C.  2007.  DoingBusiness in Indonesia: Enforcement of contracts in the general courts and the creation of a specialized Commercial Court for intellectual property and bankruptcy cases.  AED – Attractivité Economique du Droit, Programme international de recherches, Université Paris 10 Nanterre, Working Paper AED-EAL-2007-4, : 1-27   . Further Information

Antons, C.  2007.  Faire des affaires en Indonésie: exécution des contrats par les tribunaux ordinaires et creation d’un tribunal de commerce spécialisé dans la propriété intellectuelle et les faillites.  In: J. Gibson and B. du Marais (eds.): Réformes du droit économique et développement en Asie. La Documentation Française.   73-90. 

Antons, C.  2007.  Law Reform in the “Developmental States” of East and Southeast Asia – From the Asian Crisis to September 11, 2001, and Beyond.  In: C. Antons and V. Gessner (eds.): Globalisation and Resistance: Law Reform in Asia Since the Crisis. Hart Publishing.   81-104. 

Birkmann,J., N. Fernando, S. Hettige, S. Amarasinghe, T. Jayasingam, D. Paranagama, M.D.A. Nandana, M. Nassel, S. Voigt, U. Grote, S. Engel, B. Schraven and J. Wolferts..  2007.  Rapid vulnerability assessment in Sri Lanka - post-tsunami study of two cities: Galle and Batticaloa.  In: United Nations University, Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), Bonn (eds.): .   Further Information

Börner, J.; Denich, M.; Mendoza-Escalante, A.; Hedden-Dunkhorst, B. and Abreu de Sá, T.  2007.  Alternatives to slash-and-burn in forest-based fallow systems of the eastern Brazilian Amazon region: Technology and policy options to halt ecological degradation and improve rural welfare.  In: Tscharntke, T., Leuschner, C., Zeller, M., Guhardja, E., Bidin, A. (eds.): The stability of tropical rainforest margins, linking ecological, economic and social constraints of land use and conservation. Springer Verlag Berlin.   335-363. 

Engel, S. and C. Palmer. 2007.  2007.  The role of decentralization in integrating cross-sectoral demands on forests.  In: Dube, Y.C.; Schmithüsen, F. (eds.): Economic Development and Cultural Change. Oxford University Press, Oxford.   14-23. 

Engel, S. and M. Zimmermann.  2007.  Environmental institutions in Germany: Leader or laggard?.  In: Breton, A., G. Brusio, G., S. Dalmazzone and G. Garrone (eds.): Environmental Governance and Decentralization. Cheltenham: Elga.   173-222. 

Merrey, D., J. Ruth Meinzen-Dick, P.P. Mollinga and E. Karar.  2007.  Policy and Institutional Reform Processes for Sustainable Agricultural Water Management: The Art of the Possible.  In: Molden, D (eds.): Water for Food Water for Life. Earthscan, London, 5.   699-719. 

Mollinga, P.P.  2007.  Water Policy - Water Politics. Social engineering and strategic action in water sector reform.  In: W., S. Neubert and M. Kipping (eds.): Water Politics and Development Cooperation Local Power Plays and Global Governance. Springer Verlag.  

Pfaff-Czarnecka, J..  2007.  Menschenrechte und kulturelle Positionierungen in asiatischen Frauennetzwerken: Zur Diffusion des Menschenrechtsdiskurses in der reflexiven Moderne.  In: M. Mae and B. Saal (eds.): Transkulturelle Genderforschung. Ein Studienbuch zum Verhältnis von Kultur und Geschlecht. VS Verlag, Wiesbaden.   271-301.