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Book chapters

A. Y. Banana, P. O. Ongugo, W. S. Gombya-Ssembajwe, T. W. Gole, F. Senbeta, J. Namaalwa, E. Luoga, J. Bahati, L.A. Mbwambo, V. Graw and F. W. Gatzweiler.  2013.  Forest Governance Reforms in Eastern Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Institutional, Livelihood and Forest Sustainability Outcomes.  In: F. W. Gatzweiler (eds.): ): Institutional and Livelihood Changes in East African Forest Landscapes. Decentralization and Institutional Changes for Sustainable Forest Management in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Peter Lang.   17 - 48. 

Antons, C. and R. Tomasic.  2013.  Introduction: Law Reform and Legal Change.  In: Antons, C. and R. Tomasic (eds.): Law and Society in East Asia. Ashgate Publishing.   xi-xxxiii.  Further Information

Börner, J. and S. Vosti.  2013.  Managing Tropical Forest Ecosystem Services: An Overview of Options.  In: R. Muradian and L. Rival (eds.): Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services. Springer.   21-46. 

Chhotray, V., Hill, J., Biswal, R. and S. Behera.  2013.  Socio-political and environmental dimensions of vulnerability and recovery in coastal Odisha: Critical lessons since the 1999 super-cyclone.  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) India and the School of International Development, UEA, Norwich   . Further Information

Craswell, E.T. and P.L.G. Vlek.  2013.  Mining of nutrients in African soils due to agricultural intensification.  In: R. Lal and Stewart B.A. (eds.): Principle of sustainable soil management in agroecosystems. Advances in Soil Science. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl. USA.  

Ehlert, J.  2013.  Cinematographische Hedonismuskritik. Entwicklungssoziologische Betrachtungen zu Überfluss und Mangel.  In: Kofahl, D., Fröhlich, G. and L. Alberth (eds.): Kulinarisches Kino. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf Essen und Trinken im Film. transcript.   191-205.  Further Information

Evers, H.-D..  2013.  Urban Property Development in Malaysia: The Impact of Chinese and Malay Conceptions of Space.  In: Thomas Menkhoff, Hans-Dieter Evers, Yue Wah Chay, and Chang Yau Hoon (eds.): Catalysts of Change: Chinese Business in Asia. ASIA-PACIFIC BUSINESS SERIES.  

Feuer, Hart Nadav.  2013.  Competitive discourses in civil society: Pluralism in Cambodia’s agricultural development platform.  In: Waibel, G., Ehlert, J., Feuer, H.N. (eds.): Southeast Asia and the Civil Society Gaze: Scoping a contested concept in Cambodia and Vietnam. Routledge.   237-252.  Further Information

Feuer, Hart Nadav; Le Trong, Phuong; Ehlert, Judith.  2013.  Conclusion: The Civil Society Gaze.  In: Waibel, G., Ehlert, J., Feuer, H.N. (eds.): Southeast Asia and the Civil Society Gaze: Scoping a contested concept in Cambodia and Vietnam. Routledge.   253-264.  Further Information

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Gerber N., E. Nkonya, and J. von Braun.  2013.  Land Degradation, Poverty and Marginality.  In: Joachim von Braun and Franz W. Gatzweiler (eds.): Marginality: addressing the nexus of poverty, exclusion and ecology. Springer Open.   181-202.  Further Information

Graw, V..  2013.  Mapping hotspots of marginality for area identification.  Rural 21, 01/2013   : 42-43   . Further Information

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Holtz, U.  2013.  Role of Parliamentarians in the implementation process of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. A guide to Parliamentary Action..  Secretariat of the UNCCD (Ed.). Bonn. ISBN 978-92-95043-68-8.   Further Information

Hornidge, A.-K.  2013.  ‘Knowledge’, ‘Knowledge Society’ & ‘Knowledge for Development’.. Studying Discourses of Knowledge in an International Context.  In: R. Keller and I. Truschkat (eds.): Anwendungen der Wissenssoziologischen Diskursanalyse. Theorie und Praxis der Diskursforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer, VS Verlag.   397-424. 

Hornidge, A.-K.  2013.  Wissen-fokussierende Wirklichkeiten und ihre kommunikative Konstruktion.  In: Keller, R., H. Knoblauch, J. Reichertz (eds.): Kommunikativer Konstruktivismus - Theoretische und empirische Konturen eines neuen wissenssoziologischen Ansatzes. Wiesbaden: Springer VS Verlag.   205-232. 

Laube W., B. Schraven and M. Awo.  2013.  Peasant Adaptation to Environmental Change and Globalization in Northern Ghana.  In: Joseph Awetori Yaro (eds.): Rural Development in Northern Ghana. Nova Science Publishers. New York.  

Manschadi, A.M., G.G.B. Manske and P.L.G. Vlek.  2013.  Root archtecture and resource acqusition: Wheat as a Model Plant.  In: A. Eshel and T. Beeckman (eds.): Plant Roots: The Hidden Half, Fourth Edition. CRC Press.  

Mulyoutami, E., Catacutan, D., Martini, E., Khususiyah, N., Janudianto, Villamor, G.B., and M. van Noordwijk.  2013.  Gender roles in land use and value chains (GroLUV).  In: van Noordwijk, M., Lusiana, B., Leimona, B., Dewi, S., and D. Wulandari (eds.): Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes. World Agroforestry Centre.   55-60.  Further Information

Pistor N. and Le Thi Quy.  2013.  Enclosing women’s rights in a kitchen cabinet? Interactions between the Vietnam Women’s Union, civil society and the state on gender equality.  In: G. Waibel, J. Ehlert and H.N. Feue (eds.): Southeast Asia and the Civil Society Gaze - Scoping a Contested Concept in Cambodia and Vietnam. Routledge Studies on Civil Society in Asia.  

Qadir, M., F. Vyshpolsky, K. Mukhamedjanov, U. Bekbaev, S. Ibatullin, T. Yuldashev, A.D. Noble, A. Karimov, A. Mirzabaev, and A. Aw-Hassan.  2013.  Enhancing the productivity of high-magnesium soil and water resources in Central Asia.  In: L. Mueller, A. Saparov, and G. Lischeid (eds.): Novel Measurement and Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Management of Land and Water Resources in Agricultural Landscapes of Central Asia. Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg, Germany.   465-474. 

Schulz, K.  2013.  'Klima und Entwicklung'.  In: Ihne, Harmut / Wilhelm, Jürgen (eds.): Einführung in die Entwicklungspolitik. Lit Verlag: Berlin.   126-152.  Further Information

Stellmacher, T. and U. Grote.  2013.  Fairtrade and organic coffee certification: from niche to mainstream.  Coffee: a global success story. BGBM Press, Berlin.   61-63. 

Stellmacher, T. and Z. Tulu.  2013.  From quantity to quality? The socio-economic characteristics of Ethiopian coffee production and export.  Coffee: a global success story. BGBM Press, Berlin.   37-39. 

Stellmacher, T., A. Fasse, J. Garcia-Yi and U. Grote.  2013.  Conserving agrobiodiversity on small-scale farms in developing countries through innovative market-based instruments.  In: A. Christinck and M. Padmanabhan (eds.) (eds.): Cultivate Diversity: A Handbook of Transdisciplinary Approaches to Agrobiodiversity Research. Margraf Publishers.   185-200. 

Tambo, J.A.  2013.  Maize innovation for climate change adaptation: Evidence from rural Nigeria.  In: Mutanga, S.S., N. Pophiwa and T. Simelane (eds.): Africa in a Changing Global Environment. Perspectives of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in Africa. Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa.   49-67.  Further Information

Villamor, G.B., Leimona, B., and M. van Noordwijk.  2013.  RUPES role-playing game (RPG).  In: van Noordwijk, M., Lusiana, B., Leimona, B., Dewi, S., and D. Wulandari (eds.): Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes. World Agroforestry Centre.   245-248.  Further Information

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