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Book chapters

Adhikari, N.P., Shakya, P.R. , Shrestha, S., Prajapati, S..  2023.  A Comparative Study of Energy, Emissions, and Economic Efficiency of Various Cookstoves in Nepal.  In: Vadrevu, K.P., Ohara, T., Justice, C. (eds.): Vegetation Fires and Pollution in Asia. Springer.   20.  Further Information

Akhtar, F., Shah, U.  2023.  The Spectre of Climate Change-Induced Migration in Afghanistan.  In: Amit Ranjan; Rajesh Kharat; Pallavi Deka (eds.): Environment, Climate Change and Migration in South Asia . Taylor & Francis.   18.  Further Information

Antons, C.  2023.  Intangible cultural heritage, intellectual property and the politics of development in Southeast Asia.  In: Covarrubia, P (eds.): Transboundary Heritage and Intellectual Property Law: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage. Routledge.   21-40. 

Antons, C. and Blakeney, M.  2023.  Intellectual property, creativity and innovation in ASEAN.  In: Antons, C. and Blakeney, M (eds.): Intellectual Property Law in South East Asia. Edward Elgar.   1-16 . 

Antons, C. and Blakeney, M.  2023.  Intellectual property, farmers’ rights and agriculture in the ASEAN countries.  In: Antons, C. and Blakeney, M (eds.): Intellectual Property Law in South East Asia. Edward Elgar.   317-356 . 

Baumüller, H.  2023.  Digital services in the food and agriculture sectors of developing countries.  In: F. Gallouj, C. Gallouj, M.-C. Monnoyer and L. Rubalcaba (eds.): Elgar Encyclopedia of Services. Edward Elgar Publishing.   468-470.  Further Information

Mora-Motta, A., T. Stellmacher, G.P. Habert, and C.H. Zúñiga.  2023.  Zwischen Extraktivismus und Naturschutz: Baumplantagen, Waldreservate und kleinbäuerliche Territorialität in Los Ríos, Chile.  In: Fuders, F., Donoso, P.J. (eds.): Ökologisch-ökonomische und sozio-ökologische Strategien zur Erhaltung der Wälder. Springer, Cham.  

Sarkar, A. Bandyopadhyay, N..  2023.  Climate Risk Management with Indigenous Perception and Knowledge - Evidence from drought prone regions of India.  In: Panda, G. K. Chatterjee, U. & Panda, S. (eds.): Indigenous Knowledge and Disaster Risk Reduction- Insight Towards Perception, Response, Adaptation and Sustainability. Springer Nature Switzerland AG.   301 - 320.  Review

Waheed, A..  2023.  Development Discourses and Urban Poor: A Case Study of the Capital Development Authority and Katchi Abadis of Islamabad.  In: Fleschenberg, A., Holz, S., Waheed, A. (eds.): Pakistan at Seventy-Five: Identity, Governance and Conflict-Resolution in a Post-Colonial Nation-State. Liverpool University Press.   60-86.  Further Information

Yasobant, S., A.M. Perez Arredondo, J.F. Felappi, J. Ntajal, J.M. Gellert Paris, K. Patel, M.K. Savi, D. Schmiege and T. Falkenberg.  2023.  One Health as an integrated approach: Perspectives from public services for mitigation of future epidemics.  In: Nima Rezaei (eds.): Book series: Integrated Science of Global epidemics. Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2023.   47–72.  Further Information