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Peer-reviewed journal articles

2006.  The Implications of Asset Ownership on Child Work in Rural Ethiopia.  Ethiopian Journal of Economics, 11 (2)   : 25 - 58   .

Abebaw, D., K. Holm-Müller and J. Mburu.  2006.  Understanding the Perceived Importance of Risk for Coffee Growers: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 45,3   : 253-268   .

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Ahrends, H., M. Mast, C. Rodgers and H. Kunstmann.  2006.  Coupled Hydrological-Economic Modelling for Optimised Irrigated Cultivation in a Semi-arid Catchment of West Africa.  Environmental Modelling and Software, .

Akaho, E. H. K., J. Intsiful, B. Maakuu, S. Anim-sampong, B. Nyarko.  2006.  Feynman-a technique for measurement of detector dead time using a 30 kW tank-in-pool research reactor.  Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research, 479, no2-3   : 585-590   .

Algieri, B.  2006.  International Tourism Specialisation of Small Countries.  International Journal of Tourism Research, 8 (1)   : 1-12   . Further Information

Algieri, B.  2006.  Human Capital in Russia.  The European Journal of Comparative Economics, 3 (1)   : 103-129   . Further Information

Algieri, B.  2006.  An Econometric Estimation of the Demand for Tourism: the Case of Russia.  Tourism Economics, 12 (1)   : 5-20   .

Asante, F.A., K. Asenso-Okyere, S. d’Almeida, G. Mwabu, and T. Okorosobo.  2006.  Economic Burden of Malaria in the African Region: Evidence from. Ghana.  Communicable Diseases Bulletin for the African Region, Vol. 2, No. 4   .

Asfaw, A.  2006.  The Effects of Obesity on Doctor-diagnosed Chronic Diseases in Africa: Empirical Results from Senegal and South Africa.  Journal of Public Health and Policy, 27(3)   : 250-264   .

Aynekulu, E., W. Wubneh, E. Birhane and N. Begashaw.  2006.  Monitoring and Evaluating Land Use/ Land Cover Change Using Participatory Geographic Information System (PGIS) Tools: A Case Study of Begasheka Watershed, Tigray, Ethiopia.  EJISDC, (25) 3   : 1-10   . Download [PDF | 249.28KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 249.28KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 249.28KB]

Bagayoko F., N.C.van de Giesen and S.Yonkeu.  2006.  Effect of seasonal dynamics of vegetation cover on Land Surface Models: the case study of NOAH LSM over the West African savanna in Eastern Burkina Faso.  Hydrol. and Earth Syst. Sc., 3:2757-2788   . Further Information

Bagayoko, F., N.C.van de Giesen, and S.Yonkeu.  2006.  Energy balance closure and footprint analysis using eddy covariance measurements in Eastern Burkina Faso, West Africa.  Hydrol. and Earth Syst. Sc., 3:2789-2812   . Further Information

Balint, B. and P. Wobst.  2006.  Institutional Factors and Market Participation by Individual Farmers: The Case of Romania.  Post-Communist Economies, 18 (1)   : 101-121   .

Basu, A.K., N.H. Chau and U. Grote.  2006.  Guaranteed Manufactured without Child Labor: The economics of consumer boycotts, social labeling and trade sanctions.  Review of Development Economics, 10(3)   : 466-491   .

Behera, B and S. Engel.  2006.  Institutional analysis of evolution of joint forest management in India: A new institutional economics approach.  Forest Policy and Economics, 8(4)   : 350-365   .

Behera, B. and S. Engel.  2006.  Institutional Analysis of Evolution of Joint Forest Management (JFM) in India: A New Institutional Economics (NIE) Approach.  Forest Policy and Economics, 8(4)   : 350-362   .

Berger, T. and P. Schreinemachers.  2006.  Creating agents and landscapes for multiagent systems from random samples.  Ecology and Society, 11(2)   : 19   . Further Information

Berger, T., P. Schreinemachers and J. Woelcke.  2006.  Multi-Agent Simulation for the Targeting of Development Policies in less-favored Areas.  Agricultural Systems, 88   : 28-43   .

Bhat, A., K. Ramu, and K. Kemper.  2006.  Indonesia: Brantas Basin.  In: K. Kemper, W. Blomquist, and A. Dinar (eds.): Integrated River Basin Management through Decentralization. New York: Springer.  

Braimoh, A.K.  2006.  Random and systematic land covers transitions in Ghana.  Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 113   : 254-263   .

Braimoh, A.K. & P.L.G. Vlek.  2006.  Soil Quality and Other Factors Influencing Maize Yield in Northern Ghana.  Soil Use and Management, 22   : 165-171   .

Braimoh, A.K. and Craswell, E.T.  2006.  Assessing global water systems research. Eos Transaction.  American Geophysical Union, 87 (16)   .

Chakrabarty, S.  2006.  Do Social Labeling NGOs have any Influence on Child Labor? Empirical Evidence from Nepal.  In: Grote U., Basu A. and Chau N. (eds.): New Frontiers in Environmental and Social Labeling. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg.   Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]

Chau, N., Basu, A. and Grote, U..  2006.  Eco-labeling and Strategic Rivalry in Export Markets.  In: Arnab Basu, Nancy Chau and Ulrike Grote (eds.) (eds.): New Frontiers in Environmental and Social Labeling. New York: Physica Verlag.   111- 132. 

Chinsinga, B..  2006.  The Interface between Tradition and Modernity: The Struggle for Political Space at the Local Level in Malawi.  Civilizations, 54 (1-2)   : 255-274   .

Chowdhury, S..  2006.  Implications of Access to Public Telephones: The Case of Rural Bangladesh.  In: Torero, M., J. Von Braun (eds.): Information and Communication Technology for Development and Poverty Reduction. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.   267-276. 

Chowdhury, S. , A. Bayes.  2006.  Leadership from Nongovernmental Organizations: The Case of Bangladesh.  In: Torero, M., J. von Braun (eds.): Information and Communication Technology for Development and Poverty Reduction. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.   110-122. 

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Codjoe, S.N.A.  2006.  Migrant versus indigenous farmers. An analysis of factors affecting agricultural land use in the transitional agro-ecological zone of Ghana, 1984-2000.  Danish Journal of Geography, Vol. 106, No. 1   : 103-113   .

Codjoe, S.N.A.  2006.  Population growth and agricultural land use in two agro-ecological zones of Ghana, 1960-2010.  International Journal of Environmental Studies, 63 (5)   : 645-661   .

De Badts, E., Lopez, G., Wickel, A.J., Cruz, I., Jimenez, R.  2006.  Índice de propagación de Incendios.  Biodiversitas , : 65   .

Denich, M.  2006.  Book review: Slash-and-Burn Agriculture. The Search for Alternatives.  In: Cheryl A. Palm, Stephen Vosti, Pedro A. Sanchez and Polly J. Ericksen (eds.): Environmental Conservation 33. New York, US: Columbia University Press, 2005.   277-278. 

Dörr, A.C.; Marques, P.V.  2006.  Exigências dos consumidores europeus em relação à maçã gaúcha, na visão dos exportadores.  Organizações Rurais e Agroindustriais, 8 (1)   : 40-48   . Further Information

Edilegnaw, W..  2006.  What do farmers financially lose if they fail to use improved seed? Some econometric results for wheat and implications for agricultural extension policy in Ethiopia.  Ethiopian Journal of Economics, vol. 12 (2)   : 59-79   .

Edilegnaw, W. and J. Mburu.  2006.  An atttribute-based index of coffee diversity and implications for on farm conservation in Ethiopia.  In: Smale, M. (eds.): Valuing crop biodiversity: on-farm conservation, genetic resources, and economic change. Cabi Publishing, Wallingford: U.K..   48-62. 

Engel, S. and C. Palmer.  2006.  Designing Payments for Environmental Services with Weak Property rights and External Interests.  Natural Resource Management and Policy, 31   : 35-57   . Further Information

Engel, S. and C. Palmer.  2006.  Who owns the right? The determinants of community benefits from logging in Indonesia.  Forest Policy and Economics 8(4), : pp.434-446   .

Engel, S., López, R., und C. Palmer.  2006.  Community-industry contracting over natural resource use in a context of weak property rights: The case of Indonesia.  Environmental and Resource Economics, 33 (1)   : 73-98   .

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