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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Stark, O., Behrens, D.A. and Y. Wang.  2008.  On the Evolutionary Edge of Migration as an Assortative Mating Device.  Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 19   : 95-109   .

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T. Schiede and C. Ximing.  2008.  Analyses of Water Use and Allocation for the Khorezm Region in Uzbekistan using an intergrated Economic-Hydrologic Model.  In: P. Wehrheim, A. Schöller-Schletter, C. Martius (eds.): Continuity and Change: Land and Water use Reforms in Rural Uzbekistan, Socio-Economic and Legal Analyses for the Region Khorezm. Leibnitz Institute of Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO), Volume 42.  

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Wale, E., N. Chishakwe and R. Lewis-Lettington.  2008.  Cultivating Participatory Policy Processes for Genetic Resources Policy: Lessons from the Genetic Resources Policy Initiative (GRPI) Project.  Biodiversity and Conservation, doi: 10.1007/s10531-008-9444-y   .

Wickel, Á.J., N. C. van de Giesen, T. D. d. A. Sá.  2008.  Stormflow generation in two headwater catchments in eastern Amazonia, Brazil.  Hydrological Processes, 22 (17)   : 3285-3293   . Further Information

Wünscher, T., Engel, S., Wunder, S..  2008.  Spatial targeting of payments for environmental services: A tool for boosting conservation benefits.  Ecological Economics , 65(4)   : 822-833   .

Wünscher, T., S. Engel and S. Wunder.  2008.  Spatial targeting of payments for environmental services: A tool for boosting conservation benefits.  Ecological Economics, 65   : 822-833   . Download [PDF]
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