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Peer-reviewed journal articles

1. Thuo, M. W., Bravo-Ureta, B.E., I. Hathie and K. Obeng-Asiedu.  2011.  Adoption of Chemical Fertilizer by Smallholder Farmers in the Peanut Basin of Senegal.  The African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 6   : 1-17   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Abegaz, B. and A.K. Basu.  2011.  “The Elusive Productivity Effect of Trade Liberalization in the Manufacturing Industries of Emerging Economies”.  Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 47   : pp 23-45   .

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Akpabio, E. M..  2011.  Water and People: Perception and Management Practices in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.  Society and Natural Resources, 24 (6)   : 584-596   . Further Information

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Amegashi, B.K., C. Quansah, W.A. Agyare, L. Tamene, P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  Sediment-bound nutrient export from five small reservoir catchments and its implications for the Sudan savanna zone of Ghana.  Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Mangement, 16   : 61-76   .

Antons, C.  2011.  The intellectual property jurisdiction of the Indonesian Commercial Court.  In: Antons, C (eds.): The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: Comparative Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region. Kluwer Law International .   363-382. 

Anwar, S.H. and B. Kunz.  2011.  The Influence of Drying Methods on the Stabilization of Fish Oil Microcapsules: Comparison of Spray Granulation, Spray Drying, and Freeze Drying.  Journal of Food Engineering, 105 (2)   : 367-378   . Further Information

Awan, U. K., M. Ibrakhimov, B. Tischbein, P. Kamalov, C. Martius, J.P.A. and Lamers.  2011.  Improving irrigation water operation in the lower reaches of the Amu Darya River - current status and suggestions.  Irrigation and Drainage, 605   : 600-612   . Further Information

Awan, U.K., B. Tischbein, C. Conrad, C. Martius, and M. Hafeez.  2011.  Remote Sensing and Hydrological Measurements for Irrigation Performance Assessments in a Water User Association in the Lower Amu Darya River Basin.  Water Resources Management, 2510   : 2467-2485   . Further Information

Aynekulu, E., M. Denich, D. Tsegaye, R. Aerts, B. Neuwirth and H.J. Boehmer.  2011.  Dieback affects forest structure in a dry Afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia.  Journal of Arid Environments, : 75: 499-503   .

Bhaduri A. and E. Barbier.  2011.  Water Allocation between States in Inter Basin Water Transfer in India.  International Journal of River Basin Management, DOI: 10.1080/15715124.2011.607823   . Further Information

Bhaduri A., U. Manna , E. Barbier and J. Liebe.  2011.  Climate Change and Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing: An Application of Stochastic Stackelberg Differential Games in Volta River Basin.  Natural Resources Modeling, 24(4)   : 409-444   . Further Information

Birhane, E., E. Aynekulu, M. Wolde and D. Endale.  2011.  Management, use and ecology of medicinal plants in the degraded dry lands of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.  Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, : 5(3): 309-318   .

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Chakrabarty, S., Grote, U. and Lüchters G.  2011.  Does social labelling encourage child schooling and discourage child labour in Nepal?.  International Journal of Educational Development, 31 (5)   : 483-489   . Further Information

Conrad C., R.R. Colditz, S. Dech, D. Klein, P.G.L. Vlek.  2011.  Temporal segmentation of MODIS time series for improving crop classification in Central Asian irrigation systems.  International Journal of Remote Sensing, 32:23   : 8763-8778   . Further Information

Conrad Chr., R. R. Colditz, S. Dech, D. Klein, P. G. L. Vlek.  2011.  Temporal segmentation of MODIS time series for improving crop classification in Central Asian irrigation systems TRES.  International Journal Of Remote Sensing, . Further Information

Deneke, T.T., Mapedza, E., and Amede, T..  2011.  Institutional Implications of Governance of Local Common Pool Resources on Livestock Water Productivity in Ethiopia.  Experimental Agriculture 47 (S1), Suplement 1   : 99-111   . Further Information

Derib, S. D., K. Descheemaeker, A. Haileslassie and T. Amede.  2011.  Irrigation water productivity as affected by water management in a small-scale irrigation scheme in the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia..  Expl Agric. Supl. 1 . Cambridge University Press 2011. doi:10.1017/S0014479710000839, 47   : 39–55   . Further Information

Dubovyk, O., Sliuzas, R., and Flacke, J.  2011.  Spatio-temporal modelling of informal settlements development in Sancaktepe district, Istanbul, Turkey.  ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 66(2)   : 235-246   . Further Information

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Feitosa, F.F., Le, Q.B., Vlek, L.G..  2011.  Multi-agent simulator for urban segregation (MASUS): A tool to explore alternatives for promoting inclusive cities.  Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 35 (2)   : 104-115   . Further Information

Feuer, H.N..  2011.  Negotiating Technical and Ideological Standards for Agroecological Rice Production in Emerging Markets: The Case of Cambodia.  East Asian Science, Technology and Society, 5(4)   : 441-459   . Further Information

García C.A. , A. Fuentes, A. Hennecke, E. Riegelhaupt, F. Manzini and O. Masera.  2011.  Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and energy balances of sugarcane ethanol production in Mexico.  Applied Energy, 6   : 2088-2097   .

Gerber, N.  2011.  Biodiversity measures based on species-level dissimilarities: a methodology for assessment.  Ecological Economics, 70   : 2275-2281   .

Getaw Tadesse and Atle Guttormsen.  2011.  The Behaviour of Commodity Prices in Ethiopia.  Agricultural Economics , Vol 42 (1)   : 87-97   .

Guta, D.  2011.  Energy Demand in Rural Ethiopia from a Household Perspective: A Panel Data Analysis.  The Journal of Energy and Development Vol. 35, Nos. 1 & 2, : 195-213   . Further Information

Hornidge, A--K., L.Oberkircher, B. Tischbein, G. Schorcht, A. Bhaduri and A.M. Manschadi.  2011.  Reconceptualizing water management in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  Natural resources Forum, 35 (4)   : 251-268   .

Hornidge, A.-K.  2011.  “‘Creative Industries’ – Economic Program and Boundary Concept.”.  Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 42(2)   : 253-279   . Further Information

Hornidge, A.-K.  2011.  ‘Knowledge Society’ as Academic Concept and Stage of Development - A Conceptual and Historical Review.  In: Menkhoff, Thomas, Hans-Dieter Evers, Chay Yue Wah and Eng Fong Pang (eds.) (eds.): Beyond the Knowledge Trap: Developing Asia's Knowledge-Based Economies. New Jersey, London, Singapore, Beijing: World Scientific.   87-128 .  Download [PDF]
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Download (german) [PDF]

Hornidge, A.-K., F. Scholtes.  2011.  Climate Change and Everyday Life in Toineke Village, West Timor – Uncertainties, Knoweldge and Adaptation.  Sociologus - Zeitschrift für empirische Ethnosoziologie und Ethnopsychologie / Journal of Empirical Social Anthropology, 61: 2   : 151-175   .

Hornidge, A.-K., L. Oberkircher, B. Tischbein, G. Schorcht, A. Bhaduri, U. K. Awan, A. M. Manschadi.  2011.  Reconceptualising Water Management in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  Natural Resources Forum, 35(4)   : 251-348   . Further Information

Hornidge, A.-K., M. Ul-Hassan, P. P. Mollinga.  2011.  Transdisciplinary Innovation Research in Uzbekistan – 1 year of ‘Following The Innovation’.  Development in Practice, 21.6   : 825-838   . Further Information

Ibragimov, N., S. Evett, Y. Esenbekov, F. Khasanova, I. Karabaev, L. Mirzaev, and J.P.A. Lamers.  2011.  Permanent Beds vs. Conventional Tillage in Irrigated Arid Central Asia.  Agronomy Journal, 103 (4)   : 1002-1011   .

Ibrakhimov, M., Martius, C., Lamers, J.P.A. and B. Tischbein.  2011.  The dynamics of groundwater table and salinity over 17 years in Khorezm.  Agricultural Water Management, 101   : 52-61   .

Kienzler K.M., I. Rudenko, J. Ruzimov, N. Ibragimov and J. P. A Lamers.  2011.  Winter wheat quantity or quality? Assessing food security in Uzbekistan.  Food Security, 3 (1)   : DOI: 10.1007/s12571-010-0109-9   . Further Information

Kienzler, K., Djanibekov, N. and J.P.A. Lamers.  2011.  An agronomic, economic and behavioral analysis of N application to cotton and wheat in post-Soviet Uzbekistan.  Agricultural Systems, 104 (5)   : 411-418   . Further Information

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