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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Kihara, J., A. Bationo, D. N. Mugendi, C. Martius and P. L. G. Vlek.  2011.  Fertilizer combinations affect maize productivity, soil structure and nutrient balances in semi-arid Kenya.  Nutr Cycl Agroecosyst, . Further Information

Kihara, J., A. Bationo, D.N. Mugendi, C. Martius and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  Conservation tillage, local organic resources and nitrogen fertilizer combinations affect maize productivity, soil structure and nutrient balances in semi-arid Kenya.  Nutr. Cycl. Agroecosyst., 90   : 213-225   . Further Information

Kim, E..  2011.  Qualitative methodology and the psychology of participation in religious fundamentalism.  Psychology Laboratory Review 2008-2011, : 58-69   .

Kufa T. and J. Burkhardt.  2011.  Hydraulic conductance in seedlings of Coffea arabica L. accessions under contrasting nursery environments at Jimma, southwestern Ethiopia.  Ethiop. J. Apl. Sci. Technol., 2 (1)   : 15-29   .

Kufa, T. and J. Burkhardt.  2011.  Stomatal characteristics in arabica coffee germplasm accessions under contrasting environments at Jimma.  Southwestern Ethiopia. Int. J. Bot., 7 (1)   : 63-72   .

Kufa, T. and J. Burkhardt.  2011.  Spatial variability in water relations of wild Coffea arabica populations in the montane rainforests of Ethiopia.  Ecologia, 1 (1)   : 31-43   .

Langen, N..  2011.  Are ethical consumption and charitable giving substitutes or not? Insights into consumers’ coffee choice.  Food Quality and Preference, 22: 412–421.   . Further Information

Matthews, J.H., Wickel, A.J. and Freeman, S.  2011.  Converging streams in climate-relevant conservation: water, infrastructure, and institutions.  PLoS Biol, 9 (9)   : e1001159   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Mekonen, K., and G.B. Tesfahunegn.  2011.  Impact Assessment of Soil and Water Conservation Measures at Medego Watershed in Tigray, northern Ethiopia.  Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology, 5   : 312-330   . Further Information

Mishra, N,.  2011.  Unravelling Governance Networks in Development Projects- Depoliticization as an Analytical Framework.  Environment and Urbanization ASIA, 2 (2)   : 153-168   .

Mondal, M A H. and A.K.M.Sadrul Islam.  2011.  Potential and viability of grid-connected solar PV system in Bangladesh.  Renewable Energy , 36   : 1869-1874   .

Mondal, M A H. and D. Klein.  2011.  Impacts of solar home systems on social development in rural Bangladesh: Energy for Sustainable Development 15(2011).  Energy for Sustainable Development, 15   : 17-20   .

Mondal, Md. A. H., Denich, M., Mathur, J.  2011.  Impacts of CO2 emission constraints on technology selection and energy resources for power generation in Bangladesh.  Energy Policy , 39   : 2043–2050   .

Moser-Noergaard, P.M., Denich, M..  2011.  Influence of livestock on the regeneration of fodder trees along ephemeral rivers of Namibia.  Journal of Arid Environments, 75   : 371-376   .

Nancy Chau and Weiwen Zhang.  2011.  Harnessing the Forces of Urban Expansion: The Public Economics of Land Development Allowance.  Land Economics, 87   : 488-507   .

Ngome, A.F., M. Becker, K.M. Mtei and F. Mussgnug.  2011.  Fertility management for maize cultivation in some soils of Western Kenya.  Soil & Tillage Research, 117   : 69–75   .

Nkonya, E., M. Winslow, M.S. Reed, M. Mortimore and A. Mirzabaev.  2011.  Monitoring and assessing the influence of social, economic and policy factors on sustainable land management in drylands. Land Degradation & Development 22: 240–247.  .

Oberkircher, L. and A.K. Hornidge.  2011.  ‚Water is Life‘ - Farmer rationales and water-saving in Khorezm, Uzbekistan: A Lifeworld Analysis.  Rural Sociology, 76 (3)   : 394-421   . Further Information

Oberkircher, L.; A.-K. Hornidge.  2011.  ’Water is Life’ - Farmer Rationales and Water-Saving in Khorezm, Uzbekistan: A Lifeworld Analysis.  Rural Sociology, 76(3)   : 394-421   . Further Information

Oguntunde, Ph.G., A.E. Ajayi, J. Friesen, N. van de Giesen and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  Seasonal Variation of Temporal Patterns of Water Flux in a Cashew Orchard under Sub-humid Tropical Conditions.  Journal of Crop Improvement, 25   : 504–520   .

S. Nuru and H. Seebens.  2011.  The Impact of Location on Crop Choice and Rural Livelihood: Evidences from Villages from Northern Ethiopia.  Ethiopian Journal of Economics, 20 (2)   . Further Information

Saravanan V.S., P. Mollinga and J. Bogardi.  2011.  Global change, wastewater and health in fast growing economies.  Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 3   : 1-6   . Further Information

Schetter, C., R. Meyer, J. Prinz.  2011.  ‘Totaal Voetbaal’,‘Ramba-Zamba’ und ‘Tiqui-Taca’ – Die Konstruktion von Räumen im Fußballspiel.  Geographische Revue, 12 v(2)   : 28-38   .

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2011.  Migration for Degrading Work as an Escape from Humiliation.  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 77   : 241-247   .

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2011.  A Theory of Migration as a Response to Occupational Stigma.  Review of International Economics, 55   : 549-571   .

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2011.  The Prospect of Migration, Sticky Wages, and "Educated Unemployment".  Review of International Economics, 19   : 277-287   .

Stark, O. and R. Zakharenko.  2011.  Differential Migration Prospects, Skill Formation, and Welfare.  Review of International Economics, 20   : 657-673   .

Suriya, K. and S. Srichoochart.  2011.  Binary Logit analysis of souvenir design preferences by international tourists to Northern Thailand.  In: Calkins, P. et al (eds.): Unifying Econometrics: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice. CMSE Press.   239 - 246.  Download [PDF | 57.16KB]
Download (english) [PDF | 57.16KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 57.16KB]
Further Information

T Firman, I.M. Surbakti, I.C. Idroes, H.A. Simarmata.  2011.  Potential climate-change related vulnerabilities in Jakarta: Challenges and current status.  Habitat International, 35 (2)   : 372-378   . Further Information

Tesfahunegn, G.B., L. Tamene and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  A participatory soil quality assessment in Northern Ethiopia's Mai-Negus catchment.  Catena, 86   : 1-13   . Further Information

Tesfahunegn, G.B., L. Tamene and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  Evaluation of soil quality identified by local farmers in Mai-Negus catchment, Northern Ethiopia.  Geoderma, 163   : 209-218   . Further Information

Tesfahunegn, G.B., L. Tamene and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  Catchment-scale spatial variability of soil properties and implications on site-specific soil management in northern Ethiopia.  Soil & Tillage Research, 117   : 124–139   . Further Information

Tesfahunegn, G.B., L. Tamene and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  A participatory soil quality assessment in Northern Ethiopia’s Mai-Negus Catchment.  Catena 86:1-13, . Further Information

Tischbein, B., A.M. Manschadi, A.K. Hornidge, C. Conrad, J.P.A. Lamers, L. Oberkircher, G. Schorcht and P.L.G. Vlek.  2011.  Ansaetze fuer ein effiziente Wassernutzung in der Provinz Khoresm, Usbekistan. (Proposals for a more efficient utilization of water resources in the Province of Khoresm, Uzbekistan).  Hydro- und Wasserwirtschaft, 55   : 116-125   .

Tsegai, D. and Q.B . Le..  2011.  District-level spatial anaylsis of migration flows in Ghana: Determinants and implications for policy.  Regional Science Policy and Practice, 3 (2)   : 87-100   . Further Information

van Noordwijk, M., B. Lusiana, G. Villamor, H. Purnomo and S. Dewi.  2011.  Feedback Loops Added to Four Conceptual Models Linking Land Change with Driving Forces and Actors.  Ecology and Society, 16 (3)   . Further Information

Villamor, G. and van Noordwijk, M.  2011.  Social Role-Play Games Vs Individual Perceptions of Conservation and PES Agreements for Maintaining Rubber Agroforests in Jambi (Sumatra), Indonesia.  Ecology and Society, 16(3):27   . Further Information

Villamor, G.B., M. van Noordwijk, Q.B. Le, B. Lusiana, R. Matthews and Pl.G. Vlek.  2011.  Diversity deficits in modelled landscape.  Ecological Informatics, 6(1)   : 73-82   . Further Information

Walter T., J. Kloos and D. Tsegai.  2011.  Options for improving water use efficiency under.  Water SA, 37 (3)   : 357-370   . Further Information

Wolde M. and E. Aynekulu.  2011.  Exclosure Land Management for Restoration of the Soils in Degraded Communal Grazing Lands in Northern Ethiopia.  Land Degrad. Develop., : DOI: 10.1002/ldr.1146   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]

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