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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Adaawen, S. A. and S.H. Jørgensen.  2012.  Eking out a living: The livelihood implications of urban space regulation on street hawking in Accra, Ghana.  African Review of Economics and Finance, 3 (2)   : 49-95   . Further Information

Akello J. and R. Sikora.  2012.  Systemic acropedal influence of endophyte seed treatment on Acyrthosiphon pisum and Aphis fabae offspring development and reproductive fitness.  Biological Control, 61   : 215-221   .

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Akudugu, J. A.  2012.  Accountability in Local Government Revenue Management: who does what?.  Information and Knowledge Management, 2(8)   : 22-32   .

Andrén, O., T Kätterer, J Juston, B Waswa, K Röing de Nowina.  2012.  Soil carbon dynamics, climate, crops and soil type.  African Journal of Agricultural Research, 7(43)   : 5800-5809   .

Antons, C.  2012.  Geographies of Knowledge: Cultural Diffusion and the Regulation of Heritage and Traditional Knowledge/Cultural Expressions in Southeast Asia.  The WIPO Journal, 4 (1)   : 83-91   . Further Information

Antons, C.  2012.  A Critical Juncture for Intellectual Property.  Australasian Science, 33 (8)   : 4   .

Antons, C.  2012.  Patent enforcement in Indonesia.  In: Hilty, R and K. C. Liu (eds.): The Enforcement of Patents: Comparing the Asian, European and American Experiences. Kluwer Law International.   215-231. 

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Atela, J.O.; Denich, M.; Kaguamba, R.; Kibwage, J.  2012.  Agricultural land allocation in small farms around Maasai Mau forest, Kenya, and the implications on carbon stocks.  Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment (JENE), 4 (4)   : 98-108   .

Basu, A.K..  2012.  Impact of Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes on Seasonal Labor Markets: Optimum Compensation and Workers’ Welfare.  Journal of Economic Inequality, .

Bhaduri Anik and Jens Liebe.  2012.  Cooperation in Trans boundary water sharing with issue linkage: A game-theoretical case study in the Volta Basin.  Journal of Water Resource Planning and Management, doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000252   . Further Information

Bhaduri Anik, Upali Amarasinghe and Tushaar Shah.  2012.  An Analysis of Groundwater Irrigation Expansion in India.  International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Vol. 9, Nos. 3/4   : paper 13   . Further Information

Blake, A. and Quiros Garzon, M.  2012.  Boundary objects to guide sustainable technology-supported participatory development for poverty alleviation in the context of Digital Divides.  EJISDC- Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 51   : 1-25   .

Blake, A., and M. Quiros Garzon.  2012.  Boundary objects to guide sustainable technology-supported participatory development for poverty alleviation in the context of digital divides.  The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 51 (1)   : 1-25   . Further Information

Butch, C., P. Sakdapolrak and V.S. Saravanan.  2012.  Urban Health in India.  International Asienforum, 43 (1-2)   : 13-32   .

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Damene, S., P. L. G. Vlek and L. Tamene.  2012.  Performance of farmland terraces in maintaining soil fertility: A case of Lake Maybar watershed in Wello, northern highlands of Ethiopian.  Journal of Life Science, 1934-7405   : 2151-2161   .

Darmawan, R. and S. Klasen.  2012.  Elite Capture in Urban Society: Evidence from Indonesia.  EconPapers, 145   . Further Information

Djanibekov, N., A.-K. Hornidge, M. Ul Hassan.  2012.  From Joint Experimentation to Laissez-faire: Transdisciplinary Innovation Research for the Institutional Strengthening of a Water User Association in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 18:4   : 409-423   .

Djanibekov, N., Hornidge, A.-K. and M. Ul-Hassan.  2012.  From joint experimentation to laissez-faire: transdisciplinary innovation research for the institutional strengthening of a water users association in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 18 (4)   : 409-423   . Further Information

Djanibekov, N., van Assche, K., Bobojonov, I. and J.P.A. Lamers.  2012.  Farm restructuring and land consolidation in Uzbekistan: New Farms with Old Barriers.  Europe-Asia Studies, 64 (6)   : 1101-1126   . Further Information

Djanibekov, U.  2012.  More than carbon price.  Nature Climate Change, 2   : 296. doi:10.1038/nclimate1470   . Further Information

Djanibekov, U., A. Khamzina, N. Djanibekov and J.P.A. Lamers.  2012.  How attractive are short-term CDM forestations in arid regions? The case of irrigated croplands in Uzbekistan.  Forest Policy And Economics, 21   : 108-117   . Further Information

Djumaeva D., J.P.A. Lamers, C. Martius and P.L.G. Vlek.  2012.  Chlorophyll meters for monitoring foliar nitrogen in three tree species from arid Central Asia.  Journal of Arid Environments, 85   : 41-45   .

Djumaeva D., Lamers J.P.A., Khamzina A., Vlek P.L.G..  2012.  The benefits of phosphorus fertilization of trees grown on salinized croplands in the lower reaches of Amu Darya, Uzbekistan..  Agroforestry Systems, . Further Information

E Obuobie, E., B Diekkrueger, W Agyekum, S Agodzo.  2012.  Groundwater level monitoring and recharge estimation in the White Volta River basin of Ghana.  Journal of African Earth Sciences, 71   : 80-86   .

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Eguavoen, I., Sisay Demeku Derib, Tilaye Teklewold Deneke, M. McCartney, B.A. Otto und S.S. Billa.  2012.  Digging, damming or diverting? Small-scale irrigation in the Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia.  Water Alternatives, 5(3)   : 304-325   .

Evers, H.-D. and M.D. Sezali.  2012.  Malaysian Maritime Potential and the Straits of Malacca.  Annuals of Maritime Sociology, 20(1)   : 40-45   . Download [PDF | 359.25KB]

Evers, H.-D. and M.D. Sezali.  2012.  Penang's Maritime Potential.  Penang Monthly, (1/12)   : 49-53   .

Feitosa, F. F., Le, Q. B., Vlek, P. L. G., Monteiro, A. M. V. & Rosemback, R.  2012.  Countering urban segregation in Brazilian cities: policy-oriented explorations using agent-based simulation.  Environmental and Planning B, 39 (6)   : 1131-1150   .

Fensholt, R., Langanke, T., Rasmussen, K., Reenberg, A., Prince, S.D., Tucker, C., Scholes, R.J., Le, Q.B., Bondeau, A., Eastman, R., Epstein, H., Gaughan, A.E., Hellden, U., Mbow, C., Olsson, L., Paruelo, J., Schweitzer, C., Seaquist, J., Wessels, K.  2012.  Greenness in semi-arid areas across the globe 1 1981-2007 - an Earth Observing Satellite based analysis of trends and drivers.  Remote Sensing of Environment , 121   : 144-158   . Further Information

Fosu-Mensah B. Y., P. L. G. Vlek and D. S. MacCarthy.  2012.  Farmers’ perception and adaptation to climate change: a case study of Sekyedumase district in Ghana.  Environment, Development and Sustainability, 14 (4)   : 495-505   .

Fosu-Mensah, B. Y., D. S. MacCarthy, P. L. G. Vlek and E. Y. Safo.  2012.  Simulating impact of seasonal climatic variation on the response of maize (Zea mays L.) to inorganic fertilizer in sub-humid Ghana.  Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, : 255-271   . Further Information

Fürst, C., Pietzsch, K., Frank, S., Witt, A., Koschke, L., and Makeschin, F.  2012.  How to better consider sectoral planning information in regional planning - example afforestation and conversion..  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management , : 1-29   . Further Information

Garcia-Yi, J.  2012.  onsumo y Demanda Interna de Ajies Nativos (Capsicum spp.) en Perú y Bolivia.  Revista de Agroecología, 27 (4)   : 7-38   .

Garcia-Yi, J..  2012.  Data Collection: Experiences and Lessons Learned Asking Sensitive.  Survey Methodology, 38 (2)   .

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