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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Forkuor, G., P Pavelic, E Asare, E Obuobie.  2013.  Modelling potential areas of groundwater development for agriculture in northern Ghana using GIS/RS.  Hydrological Sciences Journal, 58 (2)   : 437-451   .

Frank, S., Fürst, C., Koschke, L., Makeschin, F..  2013.  How to assess the impact of the landscape structure on the provision of the cultural ecosystem service landscape aesthetics.  Ecological Indicators, 32   : 222-231   .

Frank, S., Fürst, C., Koschke, L., Witt, A. and Makeschin, F..  2013.  Assessment of landscape aesthetics-Validation of a landscape metrics-based assessment by visual estimation of the scenic beauty.  Ecological Indicators, 32   : 222-231   .

Freudenberger, L. P. R., Hobson, S., Rupic, G., Pe’er, M., Schluck, J., Sauermann, S., Kreft, N., Selva and P. L., Ibisch.  2013.  Spatial Road Disturbance Index (SPROADI) for conservation planning: a novel landscape index, demonstrated for the State of Brandenburg, Germany.  Landscape Ecology, 28   : 1353-1369   . Further Information

Freudenberger, L., P. R., Hobson, M., Schluck, S., Kreft, K., Vohland, H., Sommer, S., Reichle, C., Nowicki, W., Barthlott and P. L. Ibisch.  2013.  Nature conservation: priority-setting needs a global change.  Biodiversity and Conservation, 22   : 1255-1281   . Further Information

Fürst, C., Frank, S., Witt, A., Koschke, L., Makeschin, F..  2013.  Assessment of the effects of forest land use strategies on the provision of Ecosystem Services at regional scale. Journal of Environmental Management.  Journal of Environmental Management, 127   : 96-116   . Further Information

Fürst, C., Helming, K., Lorz, C., Müller, F., Verburg, P..  2013.  Integrated land use and regional resource management – A cross-disciplinary dialogue on future perspectives for a sustainable development of regional resources..  Journal of Environmental Management, 127   : 1-5   .

Gondhalekar, D., Nussbaum, S., Akhtar, A., Kebschull, J., Keilmann, P., Dawa, S., Namgyal, P., Tsultim, L., Phuntsog, T., S. Dorje, Namgail P., and Mutup, T..  2013.  Water-related health risks in rapidly developing towns: the potential of integrated GIS-based planning.  Water International , 38(7)   : 902-920   .

Haile, M.G.  2013.  Book Review "Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia: Progress and Policy Challenges". Journal of Development Studies: 1-2.  .   Further Information

Hennecke, A., Faist, M., Reinhardt, J., Junquera, V., Neeft, J. and Fehrenbach, H..  2013.  Biofuel greenhouse gas calculations under the European Renewable Energy Directive – A comparison of the BioGrace tool vs. the tool of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels.  Applied Energy, 102   : 55-62   .

Hill, J.  2013.  The role of authority in the collective management of hill irrigation systems in the Alai (Kyrgyzstan) and Pamir (Tajikistan).  Mountain Research and Development, 33 (3)   : 294-304   . Download [PDF]
Further Information

Hornidge, A.-K., L.Oberkircher and A. Kudryavtseva.  2013.  Boundary Management and the Discursive Sphere – Negotiating ‘Realities’ in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  Geoforum, 45.   : 266–274   .

Islam, MD. E., Grote, U. and MD. I. Rayhan.  2013.  Income Vulnerability of Rural Households in Bangladesh: a Comparison between Bayesian and Classical Methods.  Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 83 (6)   : 1179-1187   .

Jaenicke, H. and D. Virchow.  2013.  Entry points into a nutrition-sensitive agriculture.  Food Security, The Science, Sociology and Economics of Food Production and Access to Food, Volume 5, Issue 5   : 679-692   . Further Information

Jaramillo J., Torto B., Mwenda D., Troeger A., Borgemeister C., Poehling, H.-M. & W. Francke.  2013.  Coffee Berry Borer Joins Bark Beetles in Coffee Klatch.  PLoS ONE, 8 (9)   .

Jia, L. and M. Petrick.  2013.  How does land fragmentation affect off-farm labor supply: panel data evidence from China.  Agricultural Economics, 45   : 1-12   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Further Information

Karimov A..  2013.  Economic inefficiency and shadow prices of inputs: the case of vegetable growing farms in Uzbekistan.  Procedia Economics and Finance, 5   : 403-412   .

Kelboro, G., T. Stellmacher, and V. Hoffmann.  2013.  ‘Conservationists’ and ‘Local People’ in Biodiversity Conservation: the Case of Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia.  Ethiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities, 9 (1)   : 29-55   .

Kidido, J.K and Kuusaana, E.D.  2013.  Access to Land Resources under Customary Arrangement: Emerging Issues among the Bassaris of North-Eastern Ghana.  Journal of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 3 (1)   : 20   . Further Information

Kirui, O., J. Okello, R. Nyikal, and G. Njiraini.  2013.  Impact of Mobile Phone-Based Money Transfer Services in Agriculture: Evidence from Kenya.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 52(2)   : 141-162   .

Kornher, L. and M. Kalkuhl.  2013.  Food price volatility in developing countries and its determinants.  QJIA, 52(4)   : 277-308   .

Koschke, L., Fürst, C., Lorenz, M., Witt, A., Frank, S., Makeschin, F..  2013.  The integration of agricultural management practices in the assessment of ecosystem services provision at regional scale.  Ecological Indicators, 32   : 157-171   .

Landmann, T. and Dubovyk, O.  2013.  Mapping vegetation productivity dynamics and degradation trends over East Africa using a decade of medium Resolution MODIS time-series data..  IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 21-26 July 2013, pp. 1801-1804., . Further Information

Lenzen M., Moran D, Bhaduri A, Kanemoto K., Bekchanov M., Geschke A., and Foran B..  2013.  International Trade of Scarce Water.  Ecological Economics, 74   : 78-85   .

Lorenz, M., Fürst, C., Thiel, E..  2013.  A methodological approach for deriving regional crop rotations as basis for the assessment of the impact of agricultural strategies using soil erosion as example.  Journal of Environmental Management, 127   : 37-47   .

Marmer, Elina and Papa Sow.  2013.  African History Teaching in Contemporary German Textbooks: From Biased Knowledge to Duty of Remembrance.  Yesterday and Today, 10   : 49-76   . Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]

Mirzabaev, A..  2013.  Impacts of Weather Variability and Climate Change on Agricultural Revenues in Central Asia.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 52 (3)   : 179-194   .

Mwangangi J.M., Mbogo C.M., Orindi B.O., Muturi E.J., Midega J.T., Nzovu J., Gatakaa H., Githure J., Borgemeister C., Keating J. & J.C. Beier.  2013.  Shifts in malaria vector species composition and transmission dynamics along the Kenyan coast over the past 20 years.  Malaria Journal, 12:13   .

Nartey K.V., A. Sampson, B.D. Tutu, S. Nussbaum, J. Ephraim, K. Greve.  2013.  Exploratory Assessment of E-Waste Governance Structures in Africa: A Case Study of Ghana.  Asian Journal of Current Engineering and Maths, 1 (3)   . Further Information

Njiraini, G. and P.Guthiga.  2013.  Are small scale farmers water use efficient? evidence from lake naivasha basin,Kenya.  environment management, 52(5)   : 1192-201   .

Okyere C. Y., Yacouba Y. and Gilgenbach D.  2013.  The problem of annual occurence of floods in Accra: an integration of hydrological, economic and political perspectives.  Theoretical and Empirical Research in Urban Management, 8 (2)   : 45-79   . Further Information

Okyere, C. Y., Y. Yacouba and D. Gilgenbach.  2013.  The Problem of Annual Occurrences of Floods in Accra: An Integration of Hydrological, Economic and Political Perspectives.  Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, 8(2)   : 45-79   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Oskenbayev, Y., M. Yilmaz and K. Abdulla.  2013.  Resource concentration, institutional quality and the natural resource curse.  Economic Systems, 37   : 254-270   .

Park, S.J., Lim, J.H., Lee, D.W., Choi, J.M., Koo, H.M., Jeong, J.S. and Ahn, Y.S.  2013.  Implementing issues of the UNCCD, and the roles of Korea.  Journal of Korea Association of International Development and Cooperation, : 35-74   .

Prado Córdova, J., S. Wunder, C. Smith-Hall and J. Börner.  2013.  Rural Income and Forest Reliance in Highland Guatemala.  Environmental Management, 51(5)   : 1034-1043   .

Rahmat, S.R..  2013.  Cost benefit analysis and environment for Malaysian palm oil industry. Case study: growers in Johor, Malaysia.  International Journal of Innovation in Business, : 645-669   .

Rudenko I., M. Bekchanov, U. Djanibekov, J.P.A. Lamers.  2013.  The added value of a water footprint approach: Micro-and macroeconomic analysis of cotton production, processing and export in water bound Uzbekistan.  Global and planetary change, 110   : 143-151   .

Saravanana V.S..  2013.  Urbanizing Diseases: Contested institutional terrain of water-and vector-borne diseases.  Water International, 38(7)   : 875-886   .

Schmitt, C. B., F. Senbeta, T. Woldemariam, M. Rudner and M. Denich.  2013.  Importance of regional climates for plant species distribution patterns in moist Afromontane forest..  Journal of Vegetation Science , 24(3):   : 553-568   .

Shimeles Damene, Lulseged Tamene, Paul L.G. Vlek.  2013.  Performance of exclosure in restoring soil fertility: A case of Gubalafto district in North Wello Zone, northern highlands of Ethiopia.  Catena, 101   : 136-142   .

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