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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Shyu Ch.-W..  2013.  End-users' experiences with electricity supply from stand-alone mini-grid solar PV power stations in rural areas of western China.  Energy for Sustainable Development, 17 (4)   : 391-400   . Further Information

Sorger, G., Stark, O. and Y. Wang.  2013.  Migration and Dynamics: How a Leakage of Human Capital Lubricates the Engine of Economic Growth.  International Review of Economics and Finance, 28   : 26-37   .

Stark, O.  2013.  On the Economics of Others.  Ekonomista, 5   : 709-715   .

Stark, O. and A. Dorn.  2013.  Do Family Ties with Those Left Behind Intensify or Weaken Migrants’ Assimilation.  Economics Letters, 118   : 1-5   .

Stark, O. and M. Jakubek.  2013.  Integration as a Catalyst for Assimilation.  International Review of Economics and Finance, 28   : 62-70   .

Stark, O. and M. Jakubek.  2013.  Migration Networks as a Response to Financial Constraints: Onset and Endogenous Dynamics.  Journal of Development Economics, 101   : 1-7   .

Tambo, J.A. and T. Abdoulaye.  2013.  Smallholder farmers’ perceptions of and adaptations to climate change in the Nigerian savanna.  Regional Environmental Change, 13 (2)   : 375-388   . Further Information

Taye, K. and Burkhardt, J..  2013.  Hydraulic resistances in seedlings of Coffea arabica accessions under contrasting shade regimes in southwestern Ethiopia.  The Journal of Agricultural Science, 151 (5)   : 682-692   .

Taye, K. and Burkhardt, J..  2013.  Studies on root growth of Coffea arabica populations and its implication for sustainable management of natural forests.  Journal of Agricultural and Crop Research, 1 (1)   : 1-10   .

Tchouassi, D.P., Sang, R., Sole, C.L., Bastos, A.D.S., Teal, P.E.A., Borgemeister, C. & B. Torto.  2013.  Common Host-derived Chemicals Increase Catches of Disease-transmitting Mosquitoes and can improve early warning systems for Rift Valley Fever Virus.  PLoS NTD, 7 (1)   .

Tesfahunegn, GB and PL G. Vlek.  2013.  Assessing Sediment-Nutrient Export Rate and Soil Degradation in Mai-Negus Catchment, Northern Ethiopia.  ISRN Soil Science, 2013   : 1-10   . Further Information

Tesfahunegna, G.B., P.L.G. Vlek, L. Tamene.  2013.  Application of SWAT model to assess erosion hotspot for sub-catchment management at Mai-Negus catchment in northern Ethiopia.  East African Journal of Science and Technology 2 , 2 (2)   : 97-123   .

Tischbein, B., Manschadi, A.M., Conrad, C., Hornidge, A.-K., Bhaduri, A., Ul Hassan, M., Lamers, J.P.A., Awan, U.K. and P.L.G. Vlek.  2013.  Adapting to water scarcity: constraints and opportunities for improving irrigation water management in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  Water Science & Technology: Water Supply, 13   : 337-348   .

Turaeva-Höhne, R., A.-K. Hornidge.  2013.  From Knowledge Ecology to Innovation Systems: Innovations in the Sphere of Agriculture in Uzbekistan.  Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice, 15: 2   : 183-193   .

Veldwisch GJA, PP Mollinga.  2013.  Lost in transition? The introduction of water users associations in Uzbekistan.  Water International, 38 (6)   : 758-773   .

Vila Seoane, M., Guagliano, M., Galante, O., Arciénaga Morales, A.A..  2013.  Transferencia de Tecnologías a una Cooperativa en Argentina. Un Estudio de Caso.  Journal of Technology Management & Innovation, Vol 8   : 197-207   . Further Information

Villamor, G.B., Djanibekov, U., Le, Q.B., and P.L.G. Vlek.  2013.  Modelling the socio-ecological system dynamics of rubber agroforests to design reward mechanisms for agro-biodiversity conservation.  In: Piantadosi, J., Anderssen, R.S. and Boland J (eds.): 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation . Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand. ISBN: 978-0-9872143-3-1.   1861–1867 .  Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Further Information

Villamor, G.B., Troitzsch, K.G., and M. van Noordwijk.  2013.  Validating human decision making in an agent-based land-use model.  . Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand. ISBN: 978-0-9872143-3-1.   Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]
Further Information

Weeratunge, N., Béné, C., Siriwardane, R., Johnson, D., Nayak, P., Badjeck, M-C..  2013.  Small-scale fisheries through the wellbeing lens.  Fish and Fisheries, 15 (2)   : 255-279   . Further Information

Winands, S., K. Holm-Müller, and H.-P. Weikard.  2013.  The biodiversity conservation game with heterogeneous countries.  Ecological Economics, 89   : 14-23   . Further Information

Witt, A., Fürst, C., and Makeschin, F.  2013.  Regionalization of Climate Change sensitive forest ecosystem types for potential afforestation areas.  Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier, SI RegioResources 21., 127   : 48-55   . Further Information

Yen, A. L. and Ro, S.  2013.  The sale of Tarantulas in Cambodia for food or medicine: Is it sustainable?.  Journal of Threatened Taxa, 5   : 3548-3551   . Further Information

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