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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Adaawen, S.A., V. Dreier & P. Sow.  2015.  Migration and Natural Resource Scarcity within the context of Climate Variability in West Africa.  Migration, Environment and Climate Change Policy Brief Series, 1 (3)   : 1-8   . (Open Access)  

Affognon, H., Mutungi, C., Sanginga, P. & C. Borgemeister.  2015.  Unpacking postharvest losses in sub-Saharan Africa: A meta-analysis.  World Development, 66   : 49-68   .

Aleza, K., Villamor, G.B., Wala, K, Dourma, M., Atakpama, W., Batawila, K., Akpagana, K.  2015.  Woody species diversity of Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn traditional agroforests under different land management regimes in Atacora district (Benin, West Africa).  International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, 7(4)   : 245-256   .

Aleza, K., Wala, K., Bayala, J., Villamor, G.B., Dourma, M., Atakpama, W., Akpagana, K.  2015.  Population structure and regeneration status of Vitellaria Paradoxa (C. F. Gaertner) under different land management regimes in Atacora department, Benin.  Agroforestry Systems, 89(3)   : 511-523   .

Amadou M. L., Villamor, G.B., Attua, E.M., and Traore, S.B.  2015.  Comparing Farmers’ Perception of Climate Change and Variability with Historical Climate Data in the Upper East Region of Ghana.  Ghana Journal of Geography, 7(1)   : 47-74   . (Open Access)  

Araya A, Hoogenboom G, Luedeling E, Hadgu KM, Kisekka I, Martorano LG.  2015.  Assessment of maize growth and yield using crop models under present and future climate in southwestern Ethiopia.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 214-215   : 252-265   .

Assa M.M., Beston B. Maonga, G.G. Gebremariam.  2015.  Non-price determinants of household’s choice of cooking energy in Malawi.  International Journal of Development and Sustainability, 4 (1)   .

Awan, U.K., Tischbein, B., Martius, C.  2015.  Simulating groundwater dynamics using feflow-3d groundwater model under complex irrigation and drainage network of dryland ecosystems of central asia.  Irrigation and Drainage, 64 (2)   : 283-296   .

Awan, U.K., Tischbein, B., Martius, M.  2015.  Simulating Groundwater Dynamics Using Feflow-3D Groundwater Model Under Complex Irrigation and Drainage Network of Dryland Ecosystems of Central Asia.  Irrigation and Drainage, 64 (2)   : 283-296   .

Badmos, B., Agodzo, S., Villamor, G.B., Odai, S.  2015.  An approach for simulating soil loss from an agro-ecosystem using multi-agent simulation: a case study for semi-arid Ghana.  Land, 4(3)   : 607-626   . (Open Access)  

Badmos, B.K., G.B. Villamor, S.K. Agodzo and S. N Odai.  2015.  Heterogeneous farm household perception about climate change: a case study of semi-arid region of Ghana.  The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses, 7 (3)   : 67-79   .

Bationo, A., Lamers, J.P.A., Lehmann, J..  2015.  Recent achievement of sustainable soil management in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 102 (1)   : 1-3   .

Baumert S., and A. Khamzina.  2015.  Allometric relations in Jatropha curcas production systems of Burkina Faso.  Journal of Arid Environments, 120   : 95-104   .

Baumüller, H.  2015.  Assessing the Role of Mobile Phones in Offering Price Information and Market Linkages: The Case of M-Farm in Kenya.  The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 68 (6)   : 1-16   . Further Information

Bekchanov M., C. Ringler, A. Bhaduri.  2015.  A water rights trading approach to increasing inflows to the Aral Sea.  Land Degradation & Development, DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2394   . Further Information

Bekchanov M., C. Ringler, M. Mueller.  2015.  Ecosystem Services in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus.  Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems, 2(1)   : 103–105   . (Open Access)  

Bekchanov, M., C. Ringler, A. Bhaduri and M. Jeuland.  2015.  How would the Rogun Dam affect water and energy scarcity in Central Asia?.  Water International, 40 (5-6)   : 856-876   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Bekchanov,M., A.Bhaduri and, C. Ringler.  2015.  Potential gains from water rights trading in the Aral Sea Basin.  Agricultural Water Management, 152   : 41-56   . Further Information

Betancur-Corredor B., J. Soltan and G.A. Peñuela.  2015.  Mineralization of Ibuprofen and Humic Acid through Catalytic Ozonation.  Ozone Science and Engineering, 3(38)   : 203-210   . Further Information

Betancur-Corredor, B., Pino N.J., Cardona S., Peñuela G.A.  2015.  Evaluation of biostimulation and Tween 80 addition for the bioremediation of long-term DDT-contaminated soil.  Journal of Environmental Sciences, 28   : 101-9   . (Open Access)  

Boansi D. and Favour R.M..  2015.  Why the Persistent Increase in Ghana’s Rice Imports? Prescriptions for Future Rice Policy.  Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 7(4)   : 1-21 . DOI: 10.9734/AJAEES/2015/18834   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 614.76KB]
Further Information

Bukari, K.N. and N. Schareika..  2015.  Stereotypes, prejudices and exclusion of Fulani pastoralists in Ghana.  Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice, 5(20)   : 1-12   . (Open Access)  

Börner, J., E. Marinho and S. Wunder.  2015.  Mixing Carrots and Sticks to Conserve Forests in the Brazilian Amazon: A Spatial Probabilistic Modeling Approach..  PLOS ONE, 10(2)   : e0116846   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Börner, J., G. Shively, S. Wunder and M. Wyman.  2015.  How Do Rural Households Cope with Economic Shocks? Insights from Global Data using Hierarchical Analysis.  Journal of Agricultural Economics, 66(2)   : 392-414   . Further Information

Börner, J., K. Kis-Katos, J. Hargrave and K. König.  2015.  Post-Crackdown Effectiveness of Field-Based Forest Law Enforcement in the Brazilian Amazon..  PLOS ONE, 10(4)   : e0121544   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Conrad C., Rudloff M., Abudallev I, Thiel M, Löw F, Lamers JPA.  2015.  Measuring rural settlement expansion in Uzbekistan using remote sensing to support spatial planning.  Applied Geography, 62   : 29-43   .

Crootof A, Mullabaev N, Saito L, Atwell L, Rosen MR, Bekchonova M, Ginatullina E, Scott J, Chandra S, Nishonov B, Lamers JPA, Fayzieva D.  2015.  Hydroecological condition and potential for aquaculture in lakes of the arid region of Khorezm, Uzbekistan.  Journal of Arid Environments , 117   : 37-46   .

Djalilov, B., Khamzina A., Hornidge, A-K., Lamers J.P.A..  2015.  Exploring constraints and incentives for on-farm adoption of agroforestry in degraded cropping areas in Uzbekistan.  Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, : 1-21   .

Eshtawi, T., Evers, M., Tischbein, B.  2015.  Potential impacts of urban area expansion on groundwater level in the Gaza Strip: a spatial-temporal assessment.  Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 8 (12)   : 10565-10584   .

Eshtawi, T., M. Evers, B. Tischbein.  2015.  Quantifying the impact of urban area expansion on groundwater recharge and surface runoff.  Hydrological Sciences Journal, DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2014.1000916   .

Grogan D.S., F. Zhang, A. Prusevich, D. Wisser, S. Glidden.  2015.  Quantifying the link between crop production and mined groundwater irrigation in China.  Science of The Total Environment, 511   : 161-175   .

Haile, M. G., Kalkuhl, M., and Usman, M. A.  2015.  Market information and smallholder farmer price expectations.  African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 10 (4)   : 297-311   . Further Information

Hasan B, Higano Y, Yabar H, Devkota M, Lamers JPA.  2015.  Conservation agriculture practice in salt-affected, irrigated areas of Central Asia: Crop price and input cost variability effect on revenue risks.  Sustainable Agriculture Research, 4(2)   : 1-20   .

Hayal, D., B. Lemma, G. Albert and T. Stellmacher.  2015.  Degradation of Lake Ziway, Ethiopia: A Study on the Environmental Perceptions of School Students.  Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management. John Wiley and Sons Publishing, 20   : 243-255   .

Hill, J.K.W.  2015.  F1 hybrid rice in eastern India: Silver bullet or capitalist ploy?.  Capitalism Nature Socialism, 26(3)   : 73-88   . Further Information

Husmann, C.  2015.  Transaction costs on the Ethiopian formal seed market and innovations for encouraging private sector investments.  Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 54(1)   : 59-67   .

Islam, A.H.Md. S., B.K. Barman, K. Murshed-e-Jahan.  2015.  Adoption and impact of integrated rice–fish farming system in Bangladesh.  Aquaculture, 10   : 447   .

Jena, P. R., T. Stellmacher and U. Grote.  2015.  Can coffee certification schemes increase incomes of smallholder farmers? Evidence from Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Environment, Development and Sustainability. Springer, : DOI: 10.1007/s10668-015-9732-0   .

Kelboro, G. and Stellmacher, T.  2015.  Protected areas as contested spaces: Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia, between ‘local people’, the state, and NGO engagement.  Environmental Development, 16   : 63-75   .

Kelboro, G. and Stellmacher, T.  2015.  Protect and lose? Conservation and conflicts in Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia.  In: Stellmacher, T. (eds.): Socio-ecological change in rural Ethiopia: Understanding local dynamics in environmental planning and natural resource management . Peter Lang Academic Publisher.   17-36. 

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