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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Akhtar F, U.K. Awan, B. Tischbein, U.W. Liaqat.  2017.  A phenology based geo-informatics approach to map land use and land cover (2003-2013) by spatial segregation of large heterogenic river basins.  Applied Geography, 88   : 48-61   . Further Information

Akhtar, F., Awan, U.K., Tischbein, B., Liaqat, U.W.  2017.  A phenology based geo-informatics approach to map land use and land cover (2003 e 2013) by spatial segregation of large heterogenic river basins.  Applied Geography, 88   : 48-61   .

Amoo-Adare E. A.  2017.  Teaching to Transgress: Crossroads Perspective and Adventures in (?)-Disciplinarity.  In: Katja Mielke and Anna-Katharina Hornidge (eds.): Area Studies at the Crossroads: Knowledge Production after the Mobility Turn. Palgrave Macmillan.   Further Information

Anaya-Acevedo, J., J. Escobar-Martínez, H. Massone, G. Booman, O. Quiroz-Londoño, C. C. Cañón-Barriga, L.J. Montoya-Jaramillo and S. Palomino-Ángel.  2017.  Identification of wetland areas in the context of agricultural development using Remote Sensing and GIS.  DYNA, 84(201)   : 186-194   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Badmos BK, Adenle AA, Agodzo SK, Villamor GB, Asare-Kyei DK, Amadou LM, Odai SN.  2017.  Micro-level social vulnerability assessment towards climate change adaptation in semi-arid Ghana, West Africa.  Environment, Development and Sustainability, : doi:10.1007/s10668-017-9988-7   . Further Information

Basukala, A. K., Oldenburg, C., Schellberg, J., Sultanov, M., & Dubovyk, O.  2017.  Towards improved land use mapping of irrigated croplands: performance assessment of different image classification algorithms and approaches..  European Journal of Remote Sensing, 50(1)   : 187-201   . Further Information

Bekchanov M., A. Sood, A. Pinto, M. Jeuland.  2017.  Systematic Review of Water-Economy Modeling Applications.  Water Resources Planning and Management, 143(8)   : 04017037-(1-18)   . Further Information

Bilgen, A.  2017.  Güvenliksiz kalkınma, kalkınmasız güvenlik mümkün mü?: Güvenlik-kalkınma ilişkisinin dönüşüm süreci ve farklı yaklaşımlarla kavramsallaştırılması.  Uluslararası İlişkiler, 14(55)   : 19–40   . Further Information

Boansi D., Tambo J.A. and Müller M..  2017.  Analysis of farmers’ adaptation to weather extremes in West African Sudan Savanna.  Weather and Climate Extremes , 16   : 1-13   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Boansi, D..  2017.  Effect of Climatic and Non-Climatic Factors on Cassava Yields in Togo: Agricultural Policy Implications.  Climate, 5 (2),   : 28. doi:10.3390/cli5020028   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Börner, J., K. Baylis, E. Corbera, D. Ezzine-de-Blas, J. Honey-Rosés, U. M. Persson and S. Wunder.  2017.  The Effectiveness of Payments for Environmental Services.  World Development, 96   : 359–374   . Further Information

Callo-Concha, D., Denich, M., Ul Hassan, M.M., Place F., and Wardell D.A..  2017.  Lessons for research, capacity development and policy in agroforestry for development.  Agroforestry Systems, doi:10.1007/s10457-017-0085-6   . Further Information

Chen W, Lau CKM, Boansi D and Bilgin MH.  2017.  Effects of trade cost on the textile and apparel market: evidence from Asian countries.  Journal of The Textile Institute, 108 (6)   : 971-986   . Further Information

Chen.Q, and T. Liu.  2017.  Biogas system in rural China: Upgrading from decentralized to centralized?.  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 78   : 933-944   .

Chiemela, S.N, F. Noulekoun, A. Zenebe, N. Abadi and E. Birhane.  2017.  Transformation of degraded farmlands to agroforestry in Zongi Village, Ethiopia.  Agroforestry Systems, DOI: 10.1007/s10457-017-0076-7   . Further Information

Conrad C., Loew F., Lamers JPA.  2017.  Mapping and assessing crop diversity in the irrigated Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan.  Applied Geography, 86   : 102-117   . Further Information

Delgado-Aguilar MaJ, Fassnacht FE, Peralvo M, Gross CP & Schmitt CB.  2017.  Potential of TerraSAR-X and Sentinel 1 images to detect deforested and degraded forest areas in complex rain forests of Ecuador.  The International Forestry Review , 19(1)   : 102-118   . Further Information

Delgado-Aguilar MaJ, Konold W & Schmitt CB.  2017.  Community mapping of ecosystem services in tropical rainforest of Ecuador.  Ecological Indicators, 73   : 460-471   . Further Information

Diriba, D., T. Stellmacher, F. Senbeta, S. van Passel, and H. Azadi.  2017.  Environmental and health impacts of effluents from textile industries in Ethiopia: the case of Gelan and Dukem, Oromia Regional State.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Springer Publishing, 189   : 11   .

Dürr, J..  2017.  Global value chains and traditional supply chains: Evidence from Guatemala.  Development Policy Review, doi: 10.1111/dpr.12348   .

Dürr, J..  2017.  The contribution of vegetable value chains to the Guatemalan economy.  European Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 82 (6)   : 311–318   .

Dürr, J..  2017.  Agricultural Growth Linkages in Guatemala: New Insights from a Value Chain Approach.  Journal of Development Studies, 53 (8), 2017   : 1223-1237   .

Escobar N., C Manrique, N Sanjuán, G Clemente, S Rozakis.  2017.  An agro-industrial model for the optimization of biodiesel production in Spain to meet the European GHG reduction targets.  Energy, 120   : 619–631   . Further Information

Eyshi Rezaei, E., S. Siebert, F. Ewert.  2017.  Climate and management interaction cause diverse crop phenology trends.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 233   : 55-70   . Further Information

Fielmua, N., D. Gordon and D.T. Mwingyine.  2017.  Migration as an adaptation strategy to climate change: Influencing factors in North-western Ghana.  Journal of Sustainable Development, 10 (6)   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Förster, J.J., Downsborough, L. and M.J. Chomba.  2017.  When Policy Hits Practice: Structure, Agency and Power in South African Water Governance.  Society & Natural Resources , http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/08941920.2016.1268658   .

Georgina W. Njiraini , Djiby Racine Thiam, Anthea Coggan.  2017.  The analysis of Transaction costs in water policy implementation in South Africa: Trends, determinants and economic implications..  Water Economics and Policy, 01(03)   .

Gerber, N. and Bhaduri, A..  2017.  Producers’ well-being and natural resource extraction - the Eaglewood trade in Papua New Guinea.  Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 46(1)   : 21-43   . (Open Access)  

Grogan, D., Wisser, D., Prusevich A., Lammers, R., and Frolking, S,.  2017.  The use and re-use of unsustainable groundwater for irrigation: A global budget.  Environmental Research Letters, 748-9326   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Guo L, Luedeling E, Koerner SE, He JS, Xu J, Wang M, Li W, Jin J, Gang C, Su J, Luo R, Chen J, Cheng J.  2017.  Critical climate periods for grassland productivity on China’s Loess Plateau.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 233   : 101-109   . Further Information

Guta, D. and J. Börner.  2017.  Energy security, uncertainty and energy resource use options in Ethiopia: A sector modelling approach.  International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 11(1)   : 91-117   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Guta, D.D., J. Jara, N.P. Adhikari, Q. Chen, V. Gaur and A. Mirzabaev.  2017.  Assessment of the Successes and Failures of Decentralized Energy Solutions and Implications for the Water–Energy–Food Security Nexus: Case Studies from Developing Countries.  Resources, 6(3), 24   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Haile, M. G., Wossen, T., Kindie, T., & von Braun J.  2017.  Impact of climate change, weather extremes, and price risk on global food supply, Economics of Disasters and Climate Change.  EconDisCliCha, DOI: 10.1007/s41885-017-0005-2   : 1-21   .

Hayal, D., B. Lemma, and T. Stellmacher.  2017.  Farmers’ awareness and perception of Lake Ziway (Ethiopia) and its watershed management.  Limnologica - Ecology and Management of Inland Waters. Elsevier., 65   : 61-75   .

Heiskanen, J., J. Liu, R. Valbuena, E. Aynekulu, P. Packalen, and P. Pellikka.  2017.  Remote sensing approach for spatial planning of land management interventions in West African savannas.  Journal of Arid Environments, 140   : 29-41   .

Keding G.B., K. Kehlenbeck, G. Kennedy and S. McMullin.  2017.  Fruit production and consumption: practices, preferences and attitudes of women in rural western Kenya.  Food Security, 9(3)   : 453-469   .

Kleemann, J., Baysal, G., Bulley, H.N.N., Fürst, C.  2017.  Assessing driving forces of land use and land cover change by a mixed-method approach in north-eastern Ghana, West Africa.  Environmental Management , 193   : 1-32   .

Kleemann, J., Celio, E., Fürst, C.  2017.  Validation approaches of an expert-based Bayesian Belief Network in Northern Ghana, West Africa.  Ecological Modelling, 365   : 10-29   .

Kleemann, J., Celio, E., Nyarko, B.K., Jimenez-Martinez, M., Fürst, C.  2017.  Assessing the risk of seasonal food insecurity with an expert-based Bayesian Belief Network approach in northern Ghana, West Africa.  Ecological Complexity, 32   : 53-73   .

Kleemann, J., E. Celio, B.K. Nyarko, M. Jimenez-Martinez, C. Fürst.  2017.  Assessing the risk of seasonal food insecurity with an expert-based Bayesian Belief Network approach in northern Ghana, West Africa.  Ecological Complexity, 32   : 53-73   . Further Information

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