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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Aidoo, O.W., C.M. Tanga, F.M. Khamis, B.A. Rasowo, S.A. Mohamed, B.K. Badii, D.Salifu, S. Eksi and C. Borgemeister.  2018.  Host suitability and feeding preference of the African citrus triozid Trioza erytreae Del Guercio (Hemiptera: Triozidae), natural vector of “Candidatus Liberibacter africanus”.  J. Appl. Ent., : 1-9   . Further Information

Akhtar F., U.K. Awan, B. Tischbein and U.W. Liaqat.  2018.  Assessment of Irrigation Performance in Large River Basins under Data Scarce Environment—A Case of Kabul River Basin, Afghanistan.  Remote Sensing, 6(10)   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Akoto Sarfo D., Denich M., Partey ST, Frith O., Kwaku M, Mensah AA, Borgemeister C..  2018.  Socioeconomic indicators of bamboo use for agroforestry development in the dry semideciduous forest zone of Ghana.  Sustainability, 10, 2324   : doi:10.3390/su10072324   .

Amouzou KA, Naab JB, Lamers JPA and Becker M.  2018.  CERES-Maize and CERES-Sorghum for modeling growth, nitrogen and phosphorus uptake, and soil moisture dynamics in the dry savanna of West Africa.  Field Crops Research, 217   : 134-149   . Further Information

Amouzou, K.A., J.B. Naab, J.P.A. Lamers and M. Becker.  2018.  Productivity and nutrient use efficiency of maize, sorghum, and cotton in the West African Dry Savanna.  J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci., 2018, 000   : 1–14   . Further Information

Angarita, H., Wickel, A.J., Sieber, J., Delgado, J. and Purkey, D.  2018.  Large scale impacts of hydropower development and climate change on the Mompos wetlands, Colombia.  Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22   : 2839-2865   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Anteneh, Y., T. Stellmacher, G. Zeleke, W. Mekuria, E. Gebremariam.  2018.  Dynamics of land change: insights from a three-level intensity analysis of the Legedadie-Dire catchments, Ethiopia.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Springer, 190   : 308-330   .

BA Alupo, OS Oginni, MP Opoku, EL Torgbenu.  2018.  Psychological experiences of refugees and the response of the community in the Lake Chad region.  Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression, 3(11)   : 215-231   . Further Information

Basu, A.K., U. Grote, R. Hicks, and T. Stellmacher.  2018.  Multiple Certifications and Consumer Purchase Decisions: a Case Study of Willingness to Pay for Coffee in Germany.  In: Priyanka Parvathi, Ulrike Grote, Hermann Waibel (eds.): Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture: A Winning Combination?. CAB International, Wallingford, UK.   61-67. 

Baumert S., Khamzina A., Vlek P.L.G..  2018.  Greenhouse gas and energy balance of Jatropha biofuel production systems of Burkina Faso.  Energy for Sustainable Development, 42   : 14-23   .

Baumüller, H.  2018.  The Little We Know: An Exploratory Literature Review on the Utility of Mobile Phone-Enabled Services for Smallholder Farmers.  Journal of International Development, 30 (1)   : 134–154   . Further Information

Bekchanov M , A Mirzabaev.  2018.  Circular economy of composting in Sri Lanka: Opportunities and challenges for reducing waste related pollution and improving soil health.  Journal of Cleaner Production, 202   : 1107-1119   . Further Information

Benefoh, D.T., G.B. Villamor, M. van Noordwijk, C. Borgemeister, W. Asamte and K.O. Asubonteng.  2018.  Assessing land-use typologies and change intensities in a structurally complex Ghanaian cocoa landscap.  Applied Geography, 99   .

Betancur-Corredor B., J.C. Loaiza-Usaga, M. Denich and C. Borgemeister.  2018.  Gold mining as a potential driver of development in Colombia: Challenges and opportunities.  Journal of Cleaner Production, 199   : 538-553   .

Biber-Freudenberger, L., Kumar Basukala, A., Bruckner, M., Börner, J..  2018.  Sustainability Performance of National Bio-Economies.  Sustainability, 10(8)   : 2705   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Bilgen, A.  2018.  1977’den 2017’ye Güneydoğu Anadolu Projesi (GAP): GAP’ın 40 yılı üzerine nitel ve çok boyutlu bir değerlendirme.  Ankara Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi Dergisi, 73(3)   : 811–840   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Bilgen, A.  2018.  The Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) revisited: The evolution of GAP over forty years.  New Perspectives on Turkey, 58   : 125–154   . Further Information

Bilgen, A.  2018.  A project of destruction, peace, or techno-science? Untangling the relationship between the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) and the Kurdish question in Turkey.  Middle Eastern Studies, 54(1)   : 94–113   . Further Information

Bilgen, A.  2018.  Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP): A qualitative review of the literature.  British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 10.1080/13530194.2018.1549978   : (advance online publication)   . Further Information

Bukari, K. N., P. Sow and J. Scheffran.  2018.  Cooperation and Co-Existence Between Farmers and Herders in the Midst of Violent Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Ghana.  African Studies Review, https://doi.org/10.1017/asr.2017.124   . Further Information

Callo-Concha, D.  2018.  Farmer Perceptions and Climate Change Adaptation in the West Africa Sudan Savannah: Reality Check in Dassari, Benin, and Dano, Burkina Faso.  Climate, 6(2) 44   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Callo-Concha, D.  2018.  Optimizando la producción agrícola: análisis de sistemas para operacionalizar la agricultura multifuncional.  Gestión y Ambiente, 2Supl   : 137-143   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Cantoni R., M.L. Klaes, S. Lackerbauer, C. Foltyn and R. Keller.  2018.  Shale tales: a comparative study of the shale gas promise in France and Poland.  The Extractive Industries and Society, 5 (4)   : TBD   . Further Information

Cantoni, R.  2018.  Second Galicia? Poland’s shale gas affair through historical lenses.  The Geological Society of London, Special Publication, "History of the European Oil and Gas Industry", 465   : 201-217   .

Cantoni, R., and M. Musso (eds.).  2018.  L’énergie en Afrique : les faits et les chiffres.  Afrique contemporaine, 261-262   : 9-23   . Further Information

Colditz, R.R., Troche Souza, C., Vazquez, B., Wickel, A.J., Ressl, R.A.  2018.  Analysis of optimal thresholds for identification of open water using MODIS-derived spectral indices for two coastal wetland systems in Mexico.  International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 70   : 13-24   . Further Information

Dietz, T. Börner, J; Förster, J.J.; von Braun, J..  2018.  Governance of the bioeconomy: A global comparative study of national bioeconomy strategies.  Sustainability , 10(9)   : 20   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Dietz, T., Auffenberg, J., Grabs, J., Chong, A.E. and B. Kilian.  2018.  The Voluntary Coffee Standard Index (VOCSI). Developing a composite index to assess and compare the strength of Mainstream Voluntary Sustainability Standards in the global coffee industry.  Ecological Economics, 150   : 72-87   .

Dietz, T., J. Börner, J.J. Förster, J. von Braun.  2018.  Governance of the Bioeconomy: A Global Comparative Study of National Bioeconomy Strategies.  Sustainability, 10(9)   : 3190   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Djanibekov, U. and R. Finger.  2018.  Agricultural risks and farm land consolidation process in transition countries: The case of cotton production in Uzbekistan.  Agricultural Systems , 164   : DOI: 10.1016/j.agsy.2018.03.009   .

Dürr, J..  2018.  Women in agricultural value chains: unrecognized work and contributions to the Guatemalan economy.  Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security, 3 (2)   : 20-35   .

Ekren, E.  2018.  Obstacles to Refugees’ Self-Reliance in Germany.  Forced Migration Review, 58   : 30-32   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 345.40KB]
Further Information

EL.Torgbenu, OS. Oginni, MP. Opoku, W. Nketsia, E. Agyei-Okyere.  2018.  Inclusive practices in Nigeria: Exploring parental attitude, knowledge and perceived social norms influencing implementation.  International Journal of Inclusive Education. , 8(22)   .

Ephraim Sekyi-Annan, Bernhard Tischbein, Bernd Diekkrüger, Asia Khamzina.  2018.  Performance evaluation of reservoir-based irrigation schemes in the Upper East region of Ghana.  Agricultural Water Management, 202   : 134-145   . Further Information

Ephraim Sekyi-Annan, Bernhard Tischbein, Bernd Diekkrüger, Asia Khamzina.  2018.  Year-round irrigation schedule for a tomato-maize rotation system in reservoir-based irrigation schemes in Ghana.  Water, 10   : 624   . (Open Access)  

Escobar N., S. Haddad, J. Börner und W.Britz.  2018.  Land use mediated GHG emissions and spillovers from increased consumption of bioplastic.  Environmental Research Letters, 13 (12)   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Escobar, N., Haddad, S., Börner, J., Britz, W..  2018.  Land use mediated GHG emissions and spillovers from increased consumption of bioplastics.  Environmental Research Letters, 13 (12)   : 125005   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Falkenberg & Saxena.  2018.  Impact of Wastewater-Irrigated Urban Agriculture on Diarrhea Incidence in Ahmedabad, India.  IJCM, 2 (43)   : 102-106   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Falkenberg, Saxena, Kistemann.  2018.  Impact of wastewater-irrigation on in-household water contamination. A cohort study among urban farmers in Ahmedabad, India.  Science of The Total Environment, 639   : 988-996   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Falkenberg, T. & Kistemann, T..  2018.  Wasser - Gesundheitsressource und Krankheitsquelle.  Geographische Rundschau, 1 (70)   : 32 - 37   . Further Information

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