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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Musafiri, I. and P. Sjölander.  2018.  The importance of off-farm employment for smallholder farmers in Rwanda.  Journal of Economic Studies, 1(45)   : pp.14-26   . Further Information

Nero, B.F., D. Callo-Concha. and M. Denich.  2018.  Structure, Diversity, and Carbon Stocks of the Tree Community of Kumasi, Ghana.  Forests, 9 (9)   : 519   .

Noulekoun, F., A. Khamzina, J.B. Naab, K. Ni’matul, M. van Noordwijk and J.P.A. Lamers.  2018.  Climate Change Sensitivity of Multi-Species Afforestation in Semi-Arid Benin.  Suststainability, 10   : doi:10.3390/su10061931   .

Nyang’au, I.M., G. Kelboro, A.-K. Hornidge, C.A.O. Midega, C. Borgemeister.  2018.  Transdisciplinary Research: Collaborative Leadership and Empowerment Towards Sustainability of Push-Pull Technology. Sustainability.  Sustainability, 10(7)   : 2378   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Núñez Jover, J.and G. Figueroa Alfonso.  2018.  University, Technology and Development: Reflections from the South.  Spanish Philosophy of Technology, 24   : 139-150   . Further Information

O. S. Badmos, A. Rienow, D. Callo-Concha, K. Greve and C. Jürgens.  2018.  Urban Development in West Africa - Monitoring and Intensity Analysis of Slum Growth in Lagos: Linking Pattern and Process.  Remote Sens., 10   : 1044; http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/rs10071044   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Oyiga, B.C., F.C. Ogbonnaya, R.C. Sharma, M. Baum, J. Léon and A. Ballvora.  2018.  Genetic and transcriptional variations in NRAMP-2 and OPAQUE1 genes are associated with salt stress response in wheat.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00122-018-3220-5   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Qadir, M., Schubert, S., Oster, J. D., Sposito, G., Minhas, P. S., Cheraghi, S. A. M., Murtaza G., Mirzabaev A., Muhammad Saqib.  2018.  High magnesium waters and soils: Emerging environmental and food security constraints.  Science of the Total Environment, 642   : 1108–1117   .

Rosa da Conceição, H., Börner, J., Wunder, S..  2018.  REDD+ as a Public Policy Dilemma: Understanding Conflict and Cooperation in the Design of Conservation Incentives.  Forests, 9(11)   : 725   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Rozas-Vásquez, D, Gutiérrez, P..  2018.  Advances and challenges in the implementation of strategic environmental assessment in Chile.  Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, . Further Information

Rozas-Vásquez, D., C. Fürst, D. Geneletti, O. Almendra.  2018.  Integration of ecosystem services in strategic environmental assessment across spatial planning scales.  Land Use Policy, 71   : 303-310   . Further Information

Sakyi, D., Bonuedi, I., and Opoku E.E.O..  2018.  Trade facilitation and social welfare in Africa.  Journal of African Trade, 5(1-2)   : 35-53   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Salinas-Rodríguez, S.A., Barrios-Ordóñez, J.E., Sánchez-Navarro, R., Wickel, A.J.  2018.  Environmental flows and water reserves: Principles, strategies and contributions to water and conservation policies in Mexico.  River Research and Applications, 34 (8)   : 1057-1084   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Sandul, Y., Bruchhausen, W., Saxena, D., Falkenberg, T..  2018.  Convergence model for effectual prevention and control of zoonotic diseases: A health system study on 'One Health' appraoch in Ahmedabad, India.  Health Research Policy and Systems, 16(1)   : 124   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Santos, F., P. Meneses and P. Holstert.  2018.  Monitoring long-term forest dynamics with scarce data: a multi-date classification implementation in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  European Journal of Remote Sensing, https://doi.org/10.1080/22797254.2018.1533793   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Saravanan.V.S.  2018.  Contestation and Negotiation of Individual's Health in Urban India: A Situated Political Approach.  World Development, 104   : 375–387   . Further Information

Sayer, C.A.; Máiz-Tomé, L.; Akwany, L.O.; Kishe-Machumu, M.A.; Natugonza, V.; Whitney, C.W.; Omondi, R.; Nshutiyayesu, S.; Kabuye, C.S..  2018.  The importance of freshwater species to livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin.  In: Sayer, C.A., L. Máiz-Tomé, W.R.T. Darwall (eds.): Freshwater biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Basin: Guidance for species conservation, site protection, climate resilience and sustainable livelihoods. . IUCN UK, IUCN Gland, Switzerland.   136-151.  (Open Acess)  Download [PDF]
Further Information

Schielein J. and J. Börner.  2018.  Recent transformations of land-use and land-cover dynamics across different deforestation frontiers in the Brazilian Amazon.  Land Use Policy, 76   : 81-94   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Schielein, J.; Börner, J..  2018.  Recent transformations of land-use and land-cover dynamics across different deforestation frontiers in the Brazilian Amazon.  Land Use Policy, 76   : 81-94   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Slik F & 183 co-authors, including Schmitt CB.  2018.  Phylogenetic classification of the world’s tropical forests.  PNAS, 115 (8)   : 1837-1842   . Further Information

Stark, O.  2018.  Behavior in Reverse: Reasons for Return Migration.  Behavioural Public Policy, Vol. 3   : 104-126   .

Stark, O. and E. Cukrowska-Torzewska.  2018.  Gender Differentiation in Intergenerational Care-Giving and Migration Choices.  Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 12   : 118-134   .

Stark, O. and L. Byra.  2018.  How Admitting Migrants with Any Skills Can Help Overcome a Shortage of Workers with Particular Skills.  International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 57   : 144-150   .

Stark, O. and W. Budzinski.  2018.  On the Taxing of Migrants’ Earnings while Retaining a Migrant Workforce.  International Review of Economics and Finance, (in press)   .

Stark, O., Jakubek, M. and K. Szczygielski.  2018.  Community Cohesion and Assimilation Equilibria.  Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 107   : 79-88   .

Sterl S., Liersch S., Koch H., van Lipzig N.P.M., and W. Thiery.  2018.  A new approach for assessing synergies of solar and wind power: implications for West Africa.  Environmental Research Letters, 13 (9), 094009   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Tambo, J.A..  2018.  Recognizing farmer-generated innovations through contests: insights from four African countries.  Food Security, 10   : 1237-1250   . Further Information

Tambo, J.A. and Mockshell, J.  2018.  Differential Impacts of Conservation Agriculture Technology Options on Household Income in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Ecological Economics, 151   : 95-105   . Further Information

Usman MA., N. Gerber & E.H. Pangaribowo.  2018.  Drivers of microbiological quality of household drinking water –a case study in rural Ethiopia.  Journal of Water and Health, 2(16)   : 275-288   . Further Information

Usman, M. A., Gerber, N., and Pangaribowo, E. H..  2018.  Drivers of microbiological quality of household drinking water – a case study in rural Ethiopia.  Journal of Water and Health, 16(2): 275-288   .

Whitney C.  2018.  Why the Porcupine is Not a Bird: Explorations in the Folk Zoology of an Eastern Indonesian People. By Gregory Forth. 2016. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. 375 pp...  Ethnobiology Letters, 9(2)   : 103-104   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Whitney, C. W.; Lanzanova, D.; Muchiri, C.; Shepherd, K.; Rosenstock, T.; Krawinkel, M.; Tabuti, J. R. S.; Luedeling, E..  2018.  Probabilistic Decision Tools for Determining Impacts of Agricultural Development Policy on Household Nutrition.  Earth’s Future, 6(3)   : 359-372   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF]
Further Information

Whitney, C.W.; Luedeling E.; Tabuti J.R.S.; Nyamukuru A.; Hensel O.; Gebauer J.; Kehlenbeck K..  2018.  Crop diversity in homegardens of southwest Uganda and its importance for rural livelihoods.  Agriculture and Human Values, 35 (2)   : 399–424   . Further Information

Whitney, Cory W.; Bahati, J.; Gebauer, J..  2018.  Ethnobotany and agrobiodiversity; valuation of plants in the homegardens of southwestern Uganda.  Ethnobiology Letters, 9(2)   : 90-100   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF]
Further Information

Whitney, Cory W.; Luedeling, Eike; Hensel, Oilver; Tabuti, John R. S.; Krawinkel, Michael; Gebauer, Jens; Kehlenbeck, Katja.  2018.  The role of homegardens for food and nutrition security in Uganda.  Human Ecology, 46(4)   : 497-514   . Further Information

WoldeYohannes, A., Cotter, M., Kelboro, G. and Dessalegn, W.  2018.  Land use and land cover changes and their effects on the landscape of Abaya-Chamo Basin, southern Ethiopia.  Land, 7(2)   : 1-17   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Falkenberg T..  2018.  Convergence model for effectual prevention and control of zoonotic diseases: a health system study on ‘One Health’ approach in Ahmedabad, India.  Health Research Policy and Systems, 16   : 124   . (Open Access)   Download [PDF | 822.22KB]
Further Information

Zivaljić, S., A. Schoenle, F. Nitsche, M. Hohlfeld, J. Piechocki, F. Reif, M. Shumo, A. Weiss, J. Werner, M. Witt, J. Voss, H. Arndt.  2018.  Survival of marine heterotrophic flagellates isolated from the surface and the deep sea at high hydrostatic pressure: Literature review and own experiments.  Deep-Sea Research Part II, 148   : 251-259   .

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