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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Yasobant S, Bruchhausen W, Saxena D, Falkenberg T..  2021.  Systemic factors for enhancing intersectoral collaboration for the operationalization of One Health: a case study in India.  Health Research Policy and Systems, 19 (75)   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Yasobant S, W. Bruchhausen , D. Saxena, F. Memon and T. Falkenberg.  2021.  Who could be One Health Activist at the community level?: A case for India.  Human Resources for Health , 19 (13)   : 1-11   . (Open Access)   Further Information

Yasobant, S., P. Bhavsar, P. Kalpan, F.Z. Memon, O. Trivedi and D. Saxena.  2021.  Contributing Factors in the Tuberculosis Care Cascade in India: A Systematic Literature Review.  Healthcare Policy , 14   : 3275-3286   . Further Information

Youkana, E., Rojas-Robles, R., Avilés Irahola, D.L., Mora-Motta, A. and J.-P. Santander-Durán.  2021.  Environmental Thinking, Critiques on Development and South-North-South Cooperation Proposals Under Construction.  Gestión y Ambiente , 24 (1)   : 11-38   .

Youkhana, E., R. Rojas-Robles, D. Avilés-Irahola, A. Mora-Motta, & J. Santander-Durán.  2021.  Pensamiento Ambiental, Críticas al Desarrollo y Propuestas en Construcción para la Cooperación Sur-Sur-Norte.  Gestión y Ambiente, 24(supl1)   : 11-38   . (Open Access)   Further Information