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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Bekchanov M, MAH Mondal, A de Alwis, A Mirzabaev. 2019. Why adoption is slow despite promising potential of biogas technology for improving energy security and mitigating climate change in Sri Lanka. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 105: 378-390. Further Information

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Bilgen, A. 2019. Is development the continuation of ‘anti-politics’ by other means? An investigation based on the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in Turkey. Forum for Development Studies, 10.1080/08039410.2019.1593239: (advance online publication). Further Information

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Callo-Concha, D., Jemal O. and H. Seyoum. 2019. Local Alternatives to Local Problems: The Contribution of Agroforestry System By-products to Food and Nutrition Security of Communities in Southwestern Ethiopia. Food Studies, 9(1): 29-42. Further Information

Delgado-Aguilar MJ, Hinojosa L & Schmitt CB. 2019. Combining remote sensing techniques and participatory mapping to understand the relations between forest degradation and ecosystems services in a tropical rainforest. Applied Geography, 104: 65-74. Further Information

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Haddad, S., Britz, W., Börner, J.. 2019. Economic Impacts and Land Use Change from Increasing Demand for Forest Products in the European Bioeconomy: A General Equilibrium Based Sensitivity Analysis. Forests, 10(1). (Open Access) Further Information

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Kumar, N., Khamzina, A., Tischbein B., Knöfel, P., Conrad, C. and Lamers, J.P.A.. 2019. Spatio-temporal supply–demand of surface water for agroforestry planning in saline landscape of the lower Amudarya Basin. Journal of Arid Environments, 162: 53-61. Further Information

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Tadesse E.K., A. Abdulkedir, A. Khamzina, Y. Son and F. Noulèkoun. 2019. Contrasting species biodiversity and values in home gardens and traditional parkland agroforestry systems in Ethiopian sub-humid lowlands. Forests, 10(3): 266. (Open Access) Further Information