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Policy Briefs

Baumüller, H., Chichaibelu, B. and J. von Braun.  2019.  Ending Hunger by 2030? Trends, G7 Commitment and Aid.  (ZEF Policy Brief 30) Download (english) [PDF | 573.93KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 550.68KB]

PARI.  2019.  Mechanizing African Agriculture. Drivers, Barriers and Benefits.  (PARI Policy Brief 18) Download (english) [PDF | 459.60KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 437.28KB]

PARI.  2019.  Improving protein nutrition of dairy cattle in the tropics.  (PARI Policy Brief 17) Download (english) [PDF | 642.54KB]

PARI.  2019.  Improving energy access in rural areas.  (PARI Policy Brief 16) Download (english) [PDF | 940.02KB]

PARI.  2019.  Seed System Development: Fertile Grounds In Sub-Saharan Africa.  (PARI Policy Brief 15) Download (english) [PDF | 512.63KB]

PARI.  2019.  Foreign direct investments in Africa's food and agriculture sector.  (PARI Policy Brief 14) Download (english) [PDF | 775.80KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 433.01KB]

PARI.  2019.  How to Keep Tractors Running in Africa?.  (PARI Policy Brief 13) Download (english) [PDF | 223.32KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 513.45KB]

PARI.  2019.  Small-Scale Irrigation Potential In Sub-Saharan Africa.  (PARI Policy Brief 12) Download (english) [PDF | 918.48KB]
Download (german) [PDF | 1.27MB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  Développement des chaînes de valeur sensibles à la nutrition pour lutter contre l’insécurité alimentaire cas des cultures maraîchères, Madagascar.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 8) Download (french) [PDF | 875.68KB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  Nutrition-sensitive agricultural approaches: the example of participatory cooking demonstrations in YayuBiosphere Reserve, Ethiopia.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 7) Download (english) [PDF | 1.08MB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  How to Make Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Work?.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 6) Download (english) [PDF | 820.57KB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  The Ethiopian agriculture and extension advisory services: What is missing?.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 5) Download (english) [PDF | 870.84KB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  Towards improved translation of gender awareness into practice: Experiences from a nutrition-sensitive agriculture project.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 4) Download (english) [PDF | 739.61KB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  Farm and Non-Farm Livelihood of Farmers in Ethiopia: Nexus Between Livelihood Assets and Livelihood Strategies.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 3) Download (english) [PDF | 685.83KB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  Towards the Integration of Nutrition and Gender in the Agriculture System of Ethiopia.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 2) Download (english) [PDF | 701.55KB]

NutriHAF.  2019.  Enhance vegetable value chain to improve nutrition security in Ethiopia.  (NutriHAF Policy Brief 1) Download (english) [PDF | 606.21KB]