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ZEF Discussion Papers

Stark, O.  2000.  On a Variation in the Economic Performance of Migrants by their Home Country's Wage.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 34) Download [PDF | 96.89KB]

Katyal J.C. and P.L.G. Vlek.  2000.  Desertification - Concept, Causes and Amelioration.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 33) Download [PDF | 288.76KB]

Admassie, A.  2000.  The Incidence of Child Labour in Africa with Empirical Evidence from Rural Ethiopia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 32) Download [PDF | 300.16KB]

Roy, K. and S. Ziemek.  2000.  On the Economics of Volunteering.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 31) Download [PDF | 245.23KB]

El-Mikawy, N., Hashem, A., Kassem, M., El-Sawi, A., El-Sawy, A.H. and M. Showman.  2000.  Institutional Reform of Economic Legislation in Egypt.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 30) Download [PDF | 327.57KB]

Dev, M.  2000.  Economic Liberalisation and Employment in South Asia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 29) Download [PDF | 349.46KB]

Hartmann-Wendels, T. and L. Menkhoff.  2000.  Could Tighter Prudential Regulation Have Saved Thailand's Banks?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 28) Download [PDF | 231.16KB]

Torero, M.  2000.  The Access and Welfare Impacts of Telecommunications Technology in Peru.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 27) Download [PDF | 469.18KB]

Wiesmann, D., von Braun, J. and T. Feldbrügge.  2000.  An International Nutrition Index - Successes and Failures in Addressing Hunger and Malnutrition.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 26) Download [PDF | 384.06KB]

Stark, O. and Y.Q. Wang.  2000.  A Theory of Migration as a Response to Relative Deprivation.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 25) Download [PDF | 107.74KB]

von Braun, J., Grote, U. and J. Jütting.  2000.  Zukunft der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 24) Download [PDF | 118.50KB]

Schultze, U.  2000.  Insights from Physics into Development Processes: Are Fat Tails Interesting for Development Research?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 23) Download [PDF | 104.81KB]

Wolf, S. and D. Spoden.  2000.  Allocation of EU Aid towards ACP-Countries.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 22) Download [PDF | 258.45KB]

Andreini, M., van de Giesen, N., van Edig, A., Fosu, M. and W. Andah.  2000.  Volta Basin Water Balance.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 21) Download [PDF | 233.73KB]

Mahal, A., Srivastava, V. and D. Sanan.  2000.  Decentralization and Public Sector Delivery of Health and Education Services: The Indian Experience.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 20) Download [PDF | 325.02KB]

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