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ZEF Discussion Papers

Stark, O. and I. Falk.  2001.  Dynasties and Destiny: On the Roles of Altruism and Impatience in the Evolution of Consumption and Bequests.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 43) Download [PDF | 469.46KB]

Matambalya, F. and S. Wolf.  2001.  The Role of ICT for the Performance of SMEs in East Africa: Empirical Evidence from Kenya and Tanzania.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 42) Download [PDF | 538.55KB]

Kirchhoff, S. and A.M. Ibañez.  2001.  Displacement due to Violence in Colombia: Determinants and Consequences at the Household Level.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 41) Download [PDF | 337.03KB]

Schubert, R. and S. Dietz.  2001.  Environmental Kuznets Curve, Biodiversity and Sustainability.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 40) Download [PDF | 165.50KB]

Grote, U. and S. Kirchhoff.  2001.  Environmental and Food Safety Standards in the Context of Trade Liberalization: Issues and Options.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 39) Download [PDF | 206.33KB]

Ringler, C.  2001.  Optimal Water Allocation in the Mekong River Basin.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 38) Download [PDF | 0.98MB]

Gaston N. and D. Nelson.  2001.  Multinational Location Decisions and the Impact on Labour Markets.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 37) Download [PDF | 157.95KB]

Taketoshi, K.  2001.  Environmental Pollution and Policies in China's Township and Village Industrial Enterprises.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 36) Download [PDF | 220.13KB]

Lopez, R.  2001.  Growth, Poverty and Asset Allocation: The Role of the State.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 35) Download [PDF | 207.72KB]