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ZEF Discussion Papers

Devic, A.  2002.  Prospects of Multicultural Regionalism As a Democratic Barrier Against Ethnonationalism.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 57) Download [PDF | 537.17KB]

Zhu, Q. and S. Elbern.  2002.  Economic Institutional Evolution and Further Needs for Adjustments: Township Village Enterprises in China.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 56) Download [PDF | 606.07KB]

Evers, H.-D. and T. Menkhoff.  2002.  Selling Expert Knowledge: The Role of Consultants in Singapore's New Economy.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 55) Download [PDF | 538.12KB]

Torero, M., Chowdhury, S.K. and V. Galdo.  2002.  Willingness to Pay for the Rural Telephone Service in Bangladesh and Peru.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 54) Download [PDF | 651.53KB]

Bussmann, M., de Soysa, I. and J.R. Oneal.  2002.  The Effect of Foreign Investment on Economic Development and Income Inequality.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 53) Download [PDF | 520.99KB]

Hazarika, G. and A.S. Bedi.  2002.  Schooling Costs and Child Labour in Rural Pakistan.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 52) Download [PDF | 466.84KB]

Zimmermann, R. and M. Qaim.  2002.  Projecting the Benefits of Golden Rice in the Philippines.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 51) Download [PDF | 394.49KB]

Stark, O. and Y. Wang.  2002.  Overlapping.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 50) Download [PDF | 471.85KB]

Jinadu, J.A.  2002.  Ethnic Conflict & Federalism in Nigeria.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 49) Download [PDF | 708.58KB]

Chowdhury, S.K.  2002.  Attaining Universal Access: Public-Private Partnership and Business-NGO Partnership.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 48) Download [PDF | 676.87KB]

von Braun, J., Wobst, P. and U. Grote.  2002.  "Development Box" and Special and Differential Treatment for Food Security of Developing Countries: Potentials, Limitations and Implementation Issues.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 47) Download [PDF | 565.81KB]

Feldbrügge, T. and J. von Braun.  2002.  Is the World Becoming a More Risky Place? - Trends in Disasters and Vulnerability to Them.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 46) Download [PDF | 1.08MB]

Wimmer, A. and C. Schetter.  2002.  State Formation First: Recommendations for Reconstruction and Peace-Making in Afghanistan (english version).  (ZEF Discussion Paper 45) Download [PDF | 446.28KB]

Admassie, A.  2002.  Allocation of Children's Time Endowment between Schooling and Work in Rural Ethiopia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 44) Download [PDF | 736.50KB]

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