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ZEF Discussion Papers

Werner, W.  2003.  Toasted Forests – Evergreen Rain Forests of Tropical Asia under Drought Stress.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 76) Download [PDF | 894.96KB]

Korf, B.  2003.  Ethnicised Entitlements? Property Rights and Civil War in Sri Lanka.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 75) Download [PDF | 269.72KB]

Seebens, H. and P. Wobst.  2003.  The Impact of Increased School Enrollment on Economic Growth in Tanzania.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 74) Download [PDF | 1.03MB]

Stark, O.  2003.  Tales of Migration without Wage Differentials: Individual, Family, and Community Contexts.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 73) Download [PDF | 640.73KB]

Wimmer, A.  2003.  Democracy and Ethno-Religious Conflict in Iraq.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 72) Download [PDF | 674.22KB]

Stark, O.  2003.  Rethinking the Brain Drain.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 71) Download [PDF | 695.37KB]

Wolf, S.  2003.  Private Sector Development and Competitiveness in Ghana.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 70) Download [PDF | 1.10MB]

Rücker, G.R., Park, S., Ssali, H. and J. Pender.  2003.  Strategic Targeting of Development Policies to a Complex Region: A GIS-Based Stratification Applied to Uganda.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 69) Download [PDF | 2.02MB]

Basu, A.K., Chau, N.H. and U. Grote.  2003.  On Export Rivalry and the Greening of Agriculture – The Role of Eco-labels.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 68) Download [PDF | 193.16KB]

Burkhart, R.E. and I. de Soysa.  2003.  Open Borders, Open Regimes? Testing Causal Direction between Globalization and Democracy, 1970-2000.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 67) Download [PDF | 887.14KB]

Menkhoff, L. and C. Suwanaporn.  2003.  The Rationale of Bank Lending in Pre-Crisis Thailand.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 66) Download [PDF | 488.34KB]

Reich, S.  2003.  Power, Institutions and Moral Entrepreneurs.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 65) Download [PDF | 602.69KB]

Mitra, S., Wassmann, R. and P.L.G. Vlek.  2003.  Global Inventory of Wetlands and their Role in the Carbon Cycle.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 64) Download [PDF | 810.69KB]

Ahuja, R. and J. Jütting.  2003.  Design of Incentives in Community Based Health Insurance Schemes.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 63) Download [PDF | 522.41KB]

Wehrheim, P. and D. Wiesmann.  2003.  Food Security in Transition Countries: Conceptual Issues and Cross-Country Analyses.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 62) Download [PDF | 8.09MB]

Wimmer, A., de Soysa, I. and C. Wagner.  2003.  Political Science Tools for Assessing Feasibility and Sustainability of Reforms.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 61) Download [PDF | 425.59KB]

Auty, R.  2003.  Towards a Resource-Driven Model of Governance: Application to Lower-Income Transition Economies.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 60) Download [PDF | 521.44KB]

Stark, O.  2003.  Cooperation and Wealth.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 59) Download [PDF | 500.64KB]

Wittmer, H. and T. Berger.  2003.  Clean Development Mechanism: Neue Potenziale für regenerative Energien? Möglichkeiten und Grenzen einer verstärkten Nutzung von Bioenergieträgern in Entwicklungsländern.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 58) Download [PDF | 870.73KB]