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ZEF Discussion Papers

Stark, O. and Y.Q. Wang.  2004.  Towards a Theory of Self- Segregation as a Response to Relative Deprivation: Steady-State Outcames and Social Welfare.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 94) Download [PDF | 313.13KB]

Nguyen, H. and U. Grote.  2004.  Agricultural Policies in Vietnam: Producer Support Estimates, 1986-2002.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 93) Download [PDF | 653.61KB]

Sauer, J., Frohberg K. and H. Hockmann.  2004.  Black-Box Frontiers and Implications for Development Policy – Theoretical Considerations.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 92) Download [PDF | 561.89KB]

Ihne, H.  2004.  Heuristic Considerations on the Typology of Groups and Minorities.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 91) Download [PDF | 276.73KB]

Engel, S. and R. López.  2004.  Exploiting Common Resources with Capital-Intensive Technologies: The Role of External Forces.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 90) Download [PDF | 422.68KB]

Cox, D. and O. Stark.  2004.  On the Demand for Grandchildren: Tied Transfers and the Demonstration Effect.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 89) Download [PDF | 447.35KB]

Micevska, M.B. and A.K. Hazra.  2004.  The Problem of Court Congestion: Evidence from Indian Lower Courts.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 88) Download [PDF | 339.22KB]

Asfaw, A., Frohberg, K., James K.S. and J. Jütting.  2004.  Modeling the Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Health Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from India.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 87) Download [PDF | 345.19KB]

Zhu, Q.  2004.  The Impact of Rural Enterprises on Household Savings in China.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 86) Download [PDF | 637.93KB]

Chowdhury, S.K.  2004.  Do Democracy and Press Freedom Reduce Corruption? Evidence from a Cross Country Study.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 85) Download [PDF | 433.04KB]

Stark, O.  2004.  On the Economics of Refugee Flows.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 84) Download [PDF | 244.19KB]

Algieri, B.  2004.  The Effects of the Dutch: Disease in Russia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 83) Download [PDF | 504.22KB]

Msuya, J.M., Jütting, J.P. and A. Asfaw.  2004.  Impacts of Community Health Insurance Schemes on Health Care Provision in Rural Tanzania.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 82) Download [PDF | 328.82KB]

Esanov, A., Raiser, M. and W. Buiter.  2004.  Nature's Blessing or Nature's Curse: The Political Economy of Transition in Resource-Based Economies.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 81) Download [PDF | 255.44KB]

Markandya, A.  2004.  Gains of Regional Cooperation: Environmental Problems and Solutions.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 80) Download [PDF | 438.06KB]

Pomfret, R.  2004.  Resource Abundance, Governance and Economic Performance in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 79) Download [PDF | 233.98KB]

Craswell, E.T., Grote, U., Henao, J. and P.L.G. Vlek.  2004.  Nutrient Flows in Agricultural Production and International Trade: Ecology and Policy Issues.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 78) Download [PDF | 647.54KB]

Damodaran, A. and S. Engel.  2004.  Joint Forest Management in India: Assessment of Performance and Evaluation of Impacts.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 77) Download [PDF | 521.97KB]

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