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ZEF Discussion Papers

Debiel, T.  2005.  Dealing with fragile states - Entry points and approaches for development cooperation.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 101) Download [PDF | 390.15KB]

Abdallah, J. and J. Sauer.  2005.  Efficiency and Biodiversity - Empirical Evidence from Tanzania.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 100) Download [PDF | 367.09KB]

Boucher, S., Stark, O. and J.E. Taylor.  2005.  A Gain with a Drain? Evidence from Rural Mexico on the New Economics of the Brain Drain.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 99) Download [PDF | 258.21KB]

Tchale, H., Sauer, J. and P. Wobst.  2005.  Impact of Alternative Soil Fertility Management Options on Maize Productivity in Malawi's Smallholder Farming System.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 98) Download [PDF | 314.67KB]

López, R. and E.B. Barbier.  2005.  Debt and Growth.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 97) Download [PDF | 160.65KB]

Mduma, J.K. and P. Wobst.  2005.  Village Level Labor Market Development in Tanzania: Evidence from Spatial Econometrics.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 96) Download [PDF | 1.57MB]

Stark, O.  2005.  Status Aspirations, Wealth Inequality, and Economic Growth.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 95) Download [PDF | 232.00KB]