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ZEF Discussion Papers

Worbes, M., Botman, E., Khamzina, A., Tupitsa, A., Martius, C. and J.P.A. Lamers.  2006.  Scope and constraints for tree planting in the irrigated landscapes of the Aral Sea Basin: case studies in Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 112) Download [PDF | 1.79MB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2006.  A Reluctance to Assimilate.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 111) Download [PDF | 108.40KB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2006.  International Migration and "Educated Unemployment".  (ZEF Discussion Paper 110) Download [PDF | 341.71KB]

Stark, O.  2006.  Work Effort, Moderation in Expulsion, and Illegal Migration.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 109) Download [PDF | 109.28KB]

Ghoneim, A.F. and U. Grote.  2006.  Impact of Labor Standards on Egyptian Exports with Special Emphasis on Child Labor.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 108) Download [PDF | 899.95KB]

Blum, S.  2006.  East Africa: Cycles of Violence, and the Paradox of Peace.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 107) Download [PDF | 327.64KB]

Grote, U., Engel, S. and B. Schraven.  2006.  Migration due to the tsunami in Sri Lanka - AnalyzingMigration due to the tsunami in Sri Lanka - Analyzing vulnerability and migration at the household level.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 106) Download [PDF | 332.64KB]

Konseiga, A.  2006.  Household Migration Decisions as Survival Strategy: The Case of Burkina Faso.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 105) Download [PDF | 259.35KB]

Zimmermann, R. and F. Ahmed.  2006.  Rice Biotechnology and Its Potential to Combat Vitamin A Deficiency: A Case Study of Golden Rice in Bangladesh.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 104) Download [PDF | 394.90KB]

Behera, B. and S. Engel.  2006.  Who Forms Local Institutions? - Levels of Household Participation in India's Joint Forest Management Program.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 103) Download [PDF | 254.86KB]

Chakrabarty, S., Grote, U. and G. Lüchters.  2006.  The Trade-Off Between Child Labor and Schooling: Influence of Social Labeling NGOs in Nepal.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 102) Download [PDF | 244.22KB]

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