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ZEF Discussion Papers

Basu, A.K. and M. Qaim.  2007.  Pricing, Distribution and Adoption of Genetically Modified Seeds under Alternative Information Regimes.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 119) Download [PDF | 365.12KB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2007.  Rural-to-Urban Migration, Human Capital, and Agglomeration.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 118) Download [PDF | 169.24KB]

Hampel-Milagrosa, A.  2007.  Social Capital, Ethnicity and Decision-Making in the Philippine Vegetable Market.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 117) Download [PDF | 595.31KB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2007.  Losses and Gains to Developing Countries from the Migration of Educated Workers: An Overview of Recent Research, and New Reflections.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 116) Download [PDF | 217.36KB]

Gatzweiler, F., Reichhuber, A. and L. Hein.  2007.  Why financial incentives can destroy economically valuable biodiversity in Ethiopia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 115) Download [PDF | 163.09KB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2007.  The Brain Drain, "Educated Unemployment", Human Capital Formation, and Economic Betterment.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 114) Download [PDF | 306.94KB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2007.  The Analytics of Seasonal Migration.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 113) Download [PDF | 250.23KB]