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ZEF Discussion Papers

Gerber, N., van Eckert, M. and T. Breuer.  2008.  The Impacts of Biofuel Production on Food Prices: a review.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 127) Download [PDF | 100.16KB]

Bohnet, M.  2008.  Chinas langer Marsch zur Umweltrevolution Umweltprobleme und Umweltpolitik der Chinesischen Volksrepublik.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 126) Download [PDF | 155.44KB]

Basu, A.K. and R.L. Hicks.  2008.  Label Performance and the Willingness to Pay for Fair Trade Coffee: A Cross-National Perspective.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 125) Download [PDF | 359.28KB]

Bhaduri, A., Perez, N. and J. Liebe.  2008.  Scope and Sustainability of Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing of the Volta River.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 124) Download [PDF | 0.99MB]

Nuru, S. and H. Seebens.  2008.  The Impact of Location on Crop Choice and Rural Livelihood: Evidences from Villages in Northern Ethiopia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 123) Download [PDF | 1.03MB]

Gerber, N.  2008.  Bioenergy and Rural Development in Developing Countries: A Review of Existing Studies.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 122) Download [PDF | 281.75KB]

Chau, N.H. and R. Färe.  2008.  Shadow Pricing Market Access: A Trade Benefit Function Approach.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 121) Download [PDF | 469.63KB]

Stark, O., Behrens, D.A. and Y. Wang.  2008.  On the Evolutionary Edge of Migration as an Assortative Mating Device.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 120) Download [PDF | 172.43KB]