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ZEF Discussion Papers

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2009.  A Theory of Migration as a Response to Occupational Stigma.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 136) Download [PDF | 1.14MB]

Stark, O., Hyll, W. and D.A. Behrens.  2009.  Gauging the potential for social unrest.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 135) Download [PDF | 900.21KB]

Stark, O.  2009.  Reasons for Remitting.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 134) Download [PDF | 777.73KB]

Gerber, N.  2009.  Measuring Biodiversity - an axiomatic evaluation of measures based on genetic data.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 133) Download [PDF | 915.94KB]

Bhaduri, A., Manna, U., Barbier, E. and J. Liebe.  2009.  Cooperation in transboundary water sharing under climate change.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 132) Download [PDF | 1.25MB]

Kloos, J. and D.W. Tsegai.  2009.  Preferences for domestic water services in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South Africa.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 131) Download [PDF | 581.43KB]

Linz, T. and D.W. Tsegai.  2009.  Industrial Water Demand analysis in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South Africa: The case of Mining.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 130) Download [PDF | 471.06KB]

Tsegai, D.W., Linz, T. and J. Kloos.  2009.  Economic analysis of water supply cost structure in the Middle Olifants sub-basin of South Africa.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 129) Download [PDF | 271.37KB]

Stark, O. and D.A. Behrens.  2009.  An Evolutionary Edge of Knowing Less (or: On the "Curse" of Global Information).  (ZEF Discussion Paper 128) Download [PDF | 139.41KB]