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ZEF Discussion Papers

Stark, O. and R. Zakharenko.  2011.  Differential Migration Prospects, Skill Formation, and Welfare.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 160) Download [PDF | 360.11KB]

Lodhi, A.S., Tsegai, D. and N. Gerber.  2011.  Determinants of participation in child’s education and alternative activities in Pakistan.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 159) Download [PDF | 647.00KB]

Abbas, F. and U. Hiemenz.  2011.  Determinants of Public Health expenditures in Pakistan.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 158) Download [PDF | 400.39KB]

Stark, O., Casarico, A., Devillanova, C. and S. Uebelmesser.  2011.  On the formation of international migration policies when no country has an exclusive policy-setting say.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 157) Download [PDF | 373.37KB]

Stark, O., Kobus, M. and M. Jakubek.  2011.  A concern about low relative income, and the alignment of utilitarianism with egalitarianism.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 156) Download [PDF | 192.79KB]

Liu, D. and D. Tsegai.  2011.  The New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) and its implications for access to health care and medical expenditure: Evidence from rural China.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 155) Download [PDF | 515.81KB]

Ahmad, E.  2011.  Should China revisit the 1994 fiscal reforms?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 154) Download [PDF | 562.69KB]

Stark, O., Rendl, F. and M. Jakubek.  2011.  The merger of populations, the incidence of marriages, and aggregate unhappiness.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 153) Download [PDF | 243.41KB]

Stark, O. and M. Jakubek.  2011.  Is population growth conducive to the sustainability of cooperation?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 152) Download [PDF | 320.32KB]

Pangaribowo, E.H. and D. Tsegai.  2011.  Food Demand Analysis of Indonesian Households with Particular Attention to the Poorest.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 151) Download [PDF | 467.08KB]

Nkonya, E., Gerber, N., Baumgartner, P., von Braun, J., De Pinto, A., Graw, V., Kato, E., Kloos, J. and T. Walter.  2011.  The Economics of Desertification, Land Degradation, and Drought - Toward an Integrated Global Assessment.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 150) Download [PDF | 5.04MB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2011.  Why would some migrants choose to engage in degrading work?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 149) Download [PDF | 235.49KB]

Stark, O., Hyll, W. and Y. Wang.  2011.  Endogenous Selection of Comparison Groups, Human Capital Formation, and Tax Policy.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 148) Download [PDF | 181.92KB]

Chau, N.H. and W. Zhang.  2011.  Harnessing the Forces of Urban Expansion - The Public Economics of Farmland Development Allowance.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 147) Download [PDF | 487.17KB]

Stark, O. and C.S. Fan.  2011.  The Prospect of Migration, Sticky Wages, and "Educated Unemployment".  (ZEF Discussion Paper 146) Download [PDF | 263.71KB]