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ZEF Discussion Papers

Sorger, G. and O. Stark.  2012.  Income redistribution going awry: The reversal power of the concern for relative deprivation.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 173) Download [PDF | 616.71KB]

Simon, M., Tsegai, D. and S. Fleßa.  2012.  Intersectoral Health Action in Tanzania – Determinants and Policy Implications.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 172) Download [PDF | 1.53MB]

Mirzabaev, A. and D. Tsegai.  2012.  Effects of weather shocks on agricultural commodity prices in Central Asia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 171) Download [PDF | 452.96KB]

Stark, O. and A. Dorn.  2012.  Do family ties with those left behind intensify or weaken migrants’ assimilation?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 170) Download [PDF | 225.87KB]

Lenzen, M., Bhaduri, A., Moran, D., Kanemoto, K., Bekchanov, M., Geschke A. and B. Foran.  2012.  The role of scarcity in global virtual water flows.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 169) Download [PDF | 400.58KB]

Stark O. and M. Jakubek.  2012.  Migration networks as a response to financial constraints: Onset and endogenous dynamics.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 168) Download [PDF | 267.04KB]

Bekchanov, M., Bhaduri, A., Lenzen M. and J.P.A. Lamers.  2012.  The role of virtual water for sustainable economic restructuring: evidence from Uzbekistan, Central Asia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 167) Download [PDF | 715.34KB]

Algieri, B.  2012.  Price Volatility, Speculation and Excessive Speculation in Commodity Markets: sheep or shepherd behaviour?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 166) Download [PDF | 847.84KB]

Dethier, J.-J. and A. Moore.  2012.  Infrastructure in developing countries: An overview of some economic issues.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 165) Download [PDF | 516.01KB]

Stark, O. and L. Byra.  2012.  A back-door brain drain.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 164) Download [PDF | 208.01KB]

Stark, O.  2012.  Policy responses to a dark side of the integration of regions and nations.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 163) Download [PDF | 238.33KB]

Stark, O.  2012.  Integration, social distress, and policy formation.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 162) Download [PDF | 183.74KB]

von Braun, J. and G. Tadesse.  2012.  Global Food Price Volatility and Spikes: An Overview of Costs, Causes, and Solutions.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 161) Download [PDF | 698.82KB]

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