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ZEF Discussion Papers

Nkonya, E., von Braun, J., Mirzabaev, A., Le, Q.B. Kwon H.Y. and O. Kirui.  2013.  Economics of Land Degradation Initiative: Methods and Approach for Global and National Assessments.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 183) Download [PDF | 1.89MB]

Stark O. and M. Jakubek.  2013.  Integration as a catalyst for assimilation.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 182) Download [PDF | 678.01KB]

Sorger, G., Stark, O. and Y. Wang.  2013.  Migration and Dynamics: How a Leakage of Human Capital Lubricates the Engine of Economic Growth.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 181) Download [PDF | 900.41KB]

Matz, J.A.  2013.  Ethnicity, Marriage and Family Income.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 180) Download [PDF | 682.06KB]

Stark, O.  2013.  Stressful Integration.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 179) Download [PDF | 637.28KB]

Almánzar, M., Torero M. and K. von Grebmer.  2013.  Futures Commodities Prices and Media Coverage.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 178) Download [PDF | 1.46MB]

Bekchanov, M., Bhaduri A. and C. Ringler.  2013.  How market-based water allocation can improve water use efficiency in the Aral Sea basin?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 177) Download [PDF | 1.53MB]

Algieri, B.  2013.  A Roller Coaster Ride: an empirical investigation of the main drivers of wheat price.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 176) Download [PDF | 1.32MB]

Haile, M.G., Kalkuhl M. and J. von Braun.  2013.  Short-term global crop acreage response to international food prices and implications of volatility.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 175) Download [PDF | 1.23MB]

Stark O. and A. Dorn.  2013.  International migration, human capital formation, and saving.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 174) Download [PDF | 216.17KB]

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