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ZEF Discussion Papers

Algieri, B. and M. Kalkuhl.  2014.  Back to the Futures: An Assessment of Commodity Market Efficiency and Forecast Error Drivers.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 195) Download [PDF | 755.00KB]

Rakib, M. and J.A. Matz.  2014.  The Impact of Shocks on Gender-differentiated Asset Dynamics in Bangladesh.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 194) Download [PDF | 530.91KB]

Le, Q.B., Nkonya, E. and A. Mirzabaev.  2014.  Biomass Productivity-Based Mapping of Global Land Degradation Hotspots.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 193) Download [PDF | 1.95MB]

Stark, O.  2014.  A policy response to a downside of the integration of economies: An impossibility theorem.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 192) Download [PDF | 241.85KB]

Kalkuhl, M.  2014.  How Strong Do Global Commodity Prices Influence Domestic Food Prices in Developing Countries? A Global Price Transmission and Vulnerability Mapping Analysis.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 191) Download [PDF | 675.91KB]

Stark, O. and W. Hyll.  2014.  Socially gainful gender quotas.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 190) Download [PDF | 193.08KB]

Muriithi, B.W. and Matz, J.A.  2014.  Welfare effects of vegetable commercializatino: Evidence from smallhoder producers in Kenya.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 189) Download [PDF | 413.52KB]

Stark, O.  2014.  On the economics of others.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 188) Download [PDF | 183.75KB]

Algieri, B.  2014.  The influence of biofuels, economic and financial factors on daily returns of commodity futures prices.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 187) Download [PDF | 0.99MB]

Krishna, V., Qaim M. and D. Zilberman.  2014.  Transgenic Crops, Production Risk, and Agrobiodiversity.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 186) Download [PDF | 470.90KB]

Muriithi B.W. and J.A. Matz.  2014.  Smallholder Participation in the Commercialisation of Vegetables: Evidence from Kenyan Panel Data.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 185) Download [PDF | 773.99KB]

Stark, O., Jakubek, M. and F. Falniowski.  2014.  Reconciling the Rawlsian and the utilitarian approaches to the maximization of social welfare.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 184) Download [PDF | 800.64KB]

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