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ZEF Discussion Papers

Saleemi, S. and C. Kofol.  2019.  Choice without Consciousness: Women’s Participation in Household Decisions and Gender Equality in Children’s Education.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 290) Download [PDF | 1.22MB]

Kankwamba, H. and L. Kornher.  2019.  How much do infrastructural investments mitigate impacts of seasonal shocks on food security?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 289) Download [PDF | 778.18KB]

Fall, C.S., Fofana, I. and F. Traoré.  2019.  Modelling the Economy-Wide Impact of Technological Innovation and Mapping Agricultural Potential: The case of Burkina Faso.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 288) Download [PDF | 1.28MB]

Stark, O., Jakubek, M. and K. Szczygielski.  2019.  The social preferences of the native inhabitants, and the decision how many asylum seekers to admit.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 287) Download [PDF | 276.45KB]

Fatimah, A.M. and C. Kofol.  2019.  Migrating for Children’s Better Future: Intergenerational Mobility of Internal Migrants’ Children in Indonesia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 286) Download [PDF | 1.51MB]

Mathenge, N., Traoré, F. and I. Fofana.  2019.  Modelling the Economy-Wide Impact of Technological Innovation and Mapping Agricultural Potential: The case of Malawi.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 285) Download [PDF | 1.59MB]

Stark, O.  2019.  Relative deprivation as a cause of risky behaviors.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 284) Download [PDF | 251.04KB]

Stark, O., Budzinski, W. and M. Jakubek.  2019.  Pure rank preferences and variation in risk-taking behavior.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 283) Download [PDF | 152.49KB]

Gerber, N., von Braun, J., Usman, M.A., Hasan, M.M., Okyere, C.Y., Vangani, R. and D. Wiesmann.  2019.  Water, Sanitation and Agriculture Linkages with Health and Nutrition Improvement.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 282) Download [PDF | 2.79MB]

Stark, O. and L. Byra.  2019.  Can a deportation policy backfire?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 281) Download [PDF | 586.87KB]

Stark, O. and K. Szczygielski.  2019.  The likelihood of divorce and the riskiness of financial decisions.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 280) Download [PDF | 439.57KB]

Stark, O., Budzinski, W. and G. Kosiorowski.  2019.  Switching queues, cultural conventions, and social welfare.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 279) Download [PDF | 371.72KB]

Daum, T., Capezzone, F. and R. Birner.  2019.  Of trackers and tractors. Using a smartphone app and compositional data analysis to explore the link between mechanization and intra-household allocation of time in Zambia.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 278) Download [PDF | 1.46MB]

Kirui, O.K.  2019.  The complementarity of education and use of productive inputs among smallholder farmers in Africa.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 277) Download [PDF | 1.71MB]

Stark, O., Budzinski, W. and G. Kosiorowski.  2019.  The pure effect of social preferences on regional location choices: The evolving dynamics of convergence to a steady state population distribution.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 276) Download [PDF | 493.06KB]

Stark, O. and W. Budzinski.  2019.  Repercussions of negatively selective migration for the behavior of non-migrants when preferences are social.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 275) Download [PDF | 240.26KB]

Husmann, C. and Z. Kubik.  2019.  Foreign direct investment in the African food and agriculture sector: trends, determinants and impacts.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 274) Download [PDF | 2.15MB]

Hassan, Md. F. and L. Kornher.  2019.  Farm Wage and Rice Price Dynamics in Bangladesh.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 273) Download [PDF | 1.13MB]

Kirui, O.K.  2019.  The Agricultural mechanization in Africa: micro-level analysis of state drivers and effects.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 272) Download [PDF | 2.07MB]

Weber R. and L. Kornher.  2019.  Can one improve now-casts of crop prices in Africa? Google can.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 271) Download [PDF | 2.41MB]

Nshakira-Rukundo, E., Mussa, E.C., Nshakira, N., Gerber, N. and J. von Braun.  2019.  Can Community-Based Health Insurance Nudge Preventive Health Behaviours? Evidence from Rural Uganda.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 270) Download [PDF | 437.82KB]

Nshakira-Rukundo, E., Mussa, E.C., Gerber, N. and J. von Braun.  2019.  Impact of Community-Based Health Insurance on Child Health Outcomes: Evidence on Stunting from Rural Uganda.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 269) Download [PDF | 612.34KB]

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