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ZEF Discussion Papers

Stark, O.  2022.  Risk-laden migration as a response to relative deprivation: A hypothesis.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 322) Download [PDF | 334.39KB]

Stark, O., Pang, Y. and S. Fan.  2022.  Agglomeration, pollution, and migration: A substantial link, and policy design.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 321) Download [PDF | 600.59KB]

Okyere, C.Y. and L. Kornher.  2022.  Carbon Farming Training and Welfare: Evidence from Northern Ghana.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 320) Download [PDF | 662.44KB]

Mac Clay, P. and J. Sellare.  2022.  Value chain transformations in the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 319) Download [PDF | 530.80KB]

Stark, O. and M. Jakubek.  2022.  Can the evolution of joint savings agreements counter the effect of higher costs of migration on its intensity?.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 318) Download [PDF | 729.52KB]

Stark, O., Budzinski, W., Jakubek, M. and G. Kosiorowski.  2022.  On the optimal size of a joint savings association.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 317) Download [PDF | 494.63KB]

Strupat, C. and E. Nshakira-Rukundo.  2022.  The Impact of Social Assistance Programmes in a Pandemic: Evidence from Kenya.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 316) Download [PDF | 800.29KB]

Getahun, T. and G. Fetene.  2022.  Determinants of Participation in Rural Off-Farm Activities and Effects on Food Shortage, Relative Deprivation and Diet Diversity.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 315) Download [PDF | 1.23MB]

Stark, O.  2022.  Why reducing relative deprivation but not reducing income inequality might bring down COVID-19 infections.  (ZEF Discussion Paper 314) Download [PDF | 420.04KB]