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ZEF Working Papers

Schetter, C., Glassner, R. and M. Karokhail.  2006.  Understanding Local Violence. Security Arrangements in Kandahar, Kunduz and Paktia. (Amu Darya Project Working Paper No. 3, 2006).  (ZEF Working Paper 67) Download [PDF | 346.59KB]

Kuzmits, B.  2006.  Cross-bordering Water Management in Central Asia. (Amu Darya Project Working Paper No. 2, 2006).  (ZEF Working Paper 66) Download [PDF | 518.27KB]

Noelle-Karimi, C.  2006.  Village Institutions in the Perception of National and International Actors in Afghanistan (Amu Darya Project Working Paper No. 1, 2006).  (ZEF Working Paper 65) Download [PDF | 308.28KB]

Hornidge, A.-K.  2006.  Defining Knowledge in Germany and Singapore: Do the Country-Specific Definitions of Knowledge Converge?.  (ZEF Working Paper 18) Download [PDF | 325.24KB]

Evers, H.-D. and S. Gerke.  2006.  The Strategic Importance of the Straits of Malacca for World Trade and Regional Development.  (ZEF Working Paper 17) Download [PDF | 473.80KB]

Youkhana, E., Lautze J. and B. Barry.  2006.  Changing Interfaces in Volta Basin Water Management: Customary, National and Transboundary.  (ZEF Working Paper 16) Download [PDF | 357.85KB]

Evers, H.-D. and C. Wall.  2006.  Knowledge Loss: Managing Local Knowledge in Rural Uzbekistan.  (ZEF Working Paper 15) Download [PDF | 209.02KB]

Hornidge, A.-K.  2006.  Singapore: The Knowledge-Hub in the Straits of Malacca.  (ZEF Working Paper 14) Download [PDF | 302.38KB]

Laube, W. and E. Youkhana.  2006.  Cultural, Socio-Economic and Political Constraints for Virtual Water Trade: Perspectives from the Volta Basin, West Africa.  (ZEF Working Paper 13) Download [PDF | 220.66KB]

Wall, C.  2006.  Knowledge for Development: Local and External Knowledge in Development Research.  (ZEF Working Paper 12) Download [PDF | 210.78KB]