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ZEF Working Papers

Yarash, N., Smith, P. and K. Mielke.  2010.  The fuel economy of mountain villages in Ishkamish and Burka (Northeast Afghanistan). Rural subsistence and urban marketing patterns.  (ZEF Working Paper 73) Download [PDF | 4.06MB]

2010.  Amu Darya Project Working Papers No. 1 – 8 (see 2006 and 2007).  (ZEF Working Paper 65-72)

Mollinga, P.P.  2010.  Boundary concepts forinterdisciplinary analysis of irrigation water management in South Asia.  (ZEF Working Paper 64) Download [PDF | 386.65KB]

Ul Hassan, M. and A.-K. Hornidge.  2010.  ‘Follow the Innovation’ – The second year of a joint experimentation and learning approach to transdisciplinary research in Uzbekistan.  (ZEF Working Paper 63) Download [PDF | 477.58KB]

Evers, H.-D., Nordin, R. and P. Nienkemper.  2010.  Knowledge Cluster Formation in Peninsular Malaysia: The Emergence of an Epistemic Landscape.  (ZEF Working Paper 62) Download [PDF | 1.04MB]

Naz, F. and S.V. Subramanian.  2010.  Water Management across Space and Time in India.  (ZEF Working Paper 61) Download [PDF | 321.65KB]

Youkhana, E.  2010.  Gender and the development of handicraft production in rural Yucatán/Mexiko.  (ZEF Working Paper 60) Download [PDF | 233.02KB]

Mollinga, P.P.  2010.  Transdisciplinary Method for Water Pollution and Human Health Research.  (ZEF Working Paper 59) Download [PDF | 223.61KB]

Hornidge, A.-K. and S. Kurfürst.  2010.  Envisioning the Future, Conceptualising Public Space - Hanoi and Singapore Negotiating Spaces for Negotiation.  (ZEF Working Paper 58) Download [PDF | 1.21MB]

Vormoor, K.  2010.  Water Engineering, Agricultural Development and Socio-Economic Trends in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.  (ZEF Working Paper 57) Download [PDF | 1.52MB]

Saravanan V.S. and P.P. Mollinga.  2010.  Water Pollution and Human Health - Transdisciplinary Research on Risk Governance in a Complex Society.  (ZEF Working Paper 56) Download [PDF | 337.66KB]

Waibel, G.  2010.  State Management in Transition: Understanding Water Resources Management in Vietnam.  (ZEF Working Paper 55) Download [PDF | 3.34MB]

Oberkircher, L. et al..  2010.  Rethinking Water Management in Khorezm, Uzbekistan Concepts and Recommendations.  (ZEF Working Paper 54) Download [PDF | 836.25KB]

Loan, N.T.P.  2010.  Problems of Law Enforcement in Vietnam: The Case of Wastewater Management in Can Tho City.  (ZEF Working Paper 53) Download [PDF | 2.68MB]

Loan, N.T.P.  2010.  Legal Framework of the Water Sector in Vietnam Annex: List of selected Legal Documents.  (ZEF Working Paper 52) Download [PDF | 505.56KB]

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