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ZEF Working Papers

Kotsila, P.  2012.  “Health is gold”: Institutional structures and the realities of health access in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.  (ZEF Working Paper 105) Download [PDF | 2.43MB]

Kelboro, G. and T. Stellmacher.  2012.  Contesting the National Park theorem? Governance and land use in Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia.  (ZEF Working Paper 104) Download [PDF | 3.13MB]

Ziai, A.  2012.  Postcolonial perspectives on ‘development’.  (ZEF Working Paper 103) Download [PDF | 0.96MB]

Tan, S.  2012.  Reconsidering the Vietnamese development vision of “industrialisation and modernisation by 2020”.  (ZEF Working Paper 102) Download [PDF | 1.46MB]

Sow, P.  2012.  Uncertainties and conflicting environmental adaptation strategies in the region of the Pink Lake, Senegal.  (ZEF Working Paper 101) Download [PDF | 1.12MB]

Callo-Concha, D., Gaiser, T. and F. Ewert.  2012.  Farming and cropping systems in the West African Sudanian Savanna - WASCAL research area: Northern Ghana, Southwest Burkina Faso and Northern Benin.  (ZEF Working Paper 100) Download [PDF | 2.89MB]

Eguavoen, I.  2012.  Blessing and destruction - Climate change and trajectories of blame in Northern Ghana.  (ZEF Working Paper 99) Download [PDF | 1.05MB]

van Assche, K. and A.-K. Hornidge.  2012.  Knowledge in rural transitions - Formal and informal underpinnings of land governance in Khorezm.  (ZEF Working Paper 98) Download [PDF | 668.75KB]

Boboyorov, H.  2012.  Masters and Networks of Knowledge Production and Transfer in the Cotton Sector of Southern Tajikistan.  (ZEF Working Paper 97) Download [PDF | 648.44KB]

Akpabio, E.M.  2012.  Water Supply and Sanitation Services Sector in Nigeria: The Policy Trend and Practice Constraint.  (ZEF Working Paper 96) Download [PDF | 580.21KB]

Evers, H.-D. and R. Nordin.  2012.  The Symbolic Universe of Cyberjaya, Malaysia.  (ZEF Working Paper 95) Download [PDF | 1.25MB]

Akpabio, E.M. and S.V. Subramanian.  2012.  Water Supply and Sanitation Practices in Nigeria: Applying Local Ecological Knowledge to Understand Complexity.  (ZEF Working Paper 94) Download [PDF | 1.05MB]

Baumüller, H.  2012.  Facilitating agricultural technology adoption among the poor: The role of service delivery through mobile phones.  (ZEF Working Paper 93) Download [PDF | 685.40KB]

Hiemenz, U.  2012.  The Politics of the Fight Against Food Price Volatility - Where do we stand and where are we heading?.  (ZEF Working Paper 92) Download [PDF | 360.24KB]

Gleisberg-Gerber, K.  2012.  Livelihoods and land management in the Ioba Province in south-western Burkina Faso.  (ZEF Working Paper 91) Download [PDF | 2.39MB]

Turaeva, R.  2012.  Innovation policies in Uzbekistan Path taken by ZEFa project on innovations in the sphere of agriculture.  (ZEF Working Paper 90) Download [PDF | 612.41KB]

Gerke, S. and H.-D. Evers.  2012.  Looking East, looking West - Penang as a Knowledge Hub.  (ZEF Working Paper 89) Download [PDF | 1.09MB]

Graw, V. and C. Ladenburger.  2012.  Mapping Marginality Hotspots - Geographical Targeting for Poverty Reduction.  (ZEF Working Paper 88) Download [PDF | 1.73MB]

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