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ZEF Working Papers

Saravanan, V.S.  2013.  Blame it on the community, immunize the state and the international agencies.  (ZEF Working Paper 124) Download [PDF | 709.88KB]

Baumüller, H.  2013.  Mobile Technology Trends and their Potential for Agricultural Development.  (ZEF Working Paper 123) Download [PDF | 1.81MB]

Dörendahl, E.I.  2013.  Boundary Work and Water Resources: Towards Improved Management and Research Practice?.  (ZEF Working Paper 122) Download [PDF | 1.47MB]

Feuer, H.N., Hornidge, A.-K. and C. Schetter.  2013.  Rebuilding Knowledge: Opportunities and Risks for Higher Education in Post-Conflict Regions.  (ZEF Working Paper 121) Download [PDF | 850.87KB]

Eguavoen, I., Schulz, K., de Wit, S., Weisser, F. and D. Müller-Mahn.  2013.  Political dimensions of climate change adaptation. Conceptual reflections and African examples.  (ZEF Working Paper 120) Download [PDF | 498.52KB]

Schädler, M. and F.W. Gatzweiler.  2013.  Institutional environments for enabling agricultural technology innovations: The role of land rights in Ethiopia, Ghana, India and Bangladesh.  (ZEF Working Paper 119) Download [PDF | 1.09MB]

van Assche, K., Hornidge, A.-K., Shtaltovna, A. and H. Boboyorov.  2013.  Epistemic cultures, knowledge cultures and the transition of agricultural expertise: Rural development in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Georgia.  (ZEF Working Paper 118) Download [PDF | 1.05MB]

Shtaltovna, A.  2013.  Knowledge gaps and rural development in Tajikistan: Agricultural advisory services as a panacea?.  (ZEF Working Paper 117) Download [PDF | 1.10MB]

Loan, N.T.P.  2013.  The Legal Framework of Vietnam’s Water Sector: Update 2013.  (ZEF Working Paper 116) Download [PDF | 747.55KB]

Siriwardane, R. and S. Winands.  2013.  Between hope and hype: Traditional knowledge(s) held by marginal communities.  (ZEF Working Paper 115) Download [PDF | 851.71KB]

Malek, M.A., Hossain, Md. A., Saha, R. and F.W. Gatzweiler.  2013.  Mapping marginality hotspots and agricultural potentials in Bangladesh.  (ZEF Working Paper 114) Download [PDF | 2.36MB]

Akudugu, J.A. and W. Laube.  2013.  Implementing local economic development in Ghana: Multiple actors and rationalities.  (ZEF Working Paper 113) Download [PDF | 1.37MB]

Benedikter, S. and G. Waibel.  2013.  The formation of water user groups in a nexus of central directives and local administration in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.  (ZEF Working Paper 112) Download [PDF | 2.86MB]

Evers, H.-D. and F. Purwaningrum.  2013.  Japanese automobile conglomerates in Indonesia: Knowledge transfer within an industrial cluster in the Jakarta metropolitan area.  (ZEF Working Paper 111) Download [PDF | 1.72MB]

Stellmacher, T.  2013.  Local forest governance in Ethiopia: Between legal pluralism and livelihood realities.  (ZEF Working Paper 110) Download [PDF | 1.20MB]

von Braun, J., Gerber, N., Mirzabaev, A. and E. Nkonya.  2013.  The economics of land degradation.  (ZEF Working Paper 109) Download [PDF | 1.43MB]

Pangaribowo, E.H., Gerber, N. and M. Torero.  2013.  Food and nutrition security indicators: A review.  (ZEF Working Paper 108) Download [PDF | 1.13MB]

Tsegai, D., McBain, F. and B. Tischbein.  2013.  Water, sanitation and hygiene: The missing link with agriculture.  (ZEF Working Paper 107) Download [PDF | 1.33MB]

Mandler, A.  2013.  Knowledge and Governance Arrangements in Agricultural Production: Negotiating Access to Arable Land in Zarafshan Valley, Tajikistan.  (ZEF Working Paper 106) Download [PDF | 1.83MB]

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