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ZEF Working Papers

Gebreselassie, S., Haile, M.G. and M. Kalkuhl. 2017. The Wheat Sector in Ethiopia: Current Status and Key Challenges for Future Value Chain Development. (ZEF Working Paper 160) Download [PDF | 1.46MB]

Ganguly, K., Gulati, A. and J. von Braun. 2017. Innovations spearheading the next transformations in India‘s agriculture. (ZEF Working Paper 159) Download [PDF | 2.92MB]

Leta, G., Kelboro, G., Stellmacher, T. and A.-K. Hornidge. 2017. The agricultural extension system in Ethiopia: operational setup, challenges and opportunities. (ZEF Working Paper 158) Download [PDF | 3.74MB]

Bekchanov, M. 2017. Potentials of Waste and Wastewater Resources Recovery and Re-use (RRR) Options for Improving Water, Energy and Nutrition Security. (ZEF Working Paper 157) Download [PDF | 1.81MB]

Beuchelt, T. 2017. Buying green and social from abroad: Are biomass-focused voluntary sustainability standards useful for European public procurement?. (ZEF Working Paper 156) Download [PDF | 3.22MB]

von Braun, J. and C. Kofol. 2017. Expanding Youth Employment in the Arab Region and Africa. (ZEF Working Paper 155) Download [PDF | 3.50MB]

Attemene, P. & I. Eguavoen. 2017. Coastal ecotourism in The Gambia. Effects of sustainability communication on environments and rural livelihoods. (ZEF Working Paper 154) Download [PDF | 3.22MB]

Laube, W., Awo, M. & E. Derbile. 2017. Smallholder Integration into the Global Shea Nut Commodity Chain in Northern Ghana. (ZEF Working Paper 153) Download [PDF | 6.56MB]