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ZEF Working Papers

Legesse, E.E., Srivastava, A., Kuhn A. and T. Gaiser. 2019. Household income implications of improved fertilizer accessibility and lower use inefficiency: Long-term scenarios for Ethiopia. (ZEF Working Paper 181) Download [PDF | 874.97KB]

T. G. Sakketa and J. von Braun. 2019. Labor-intensive public works programs in sub-Saharan Africa: Experiences and implications for employment policies. (ZEF Working Paper 180) Download [PDF | 3.35MB]

Kabran, E.G. and I. Eguavoen. 2019. Ferry transportation in Abidjan: Establishment, operation and sustainability of a paratransit system. (ZEF Working Paper 179) Download [PDF | 1.10MB]

Gupta, A., Shinde, C., Dey, A., Patel, R., Patel, C., Kumar, V. and M. Patel. 2019. Honey Bee Network in Africa: Co-creating a Grassroots Innovation Ecosystem in Africa. (ZEF Working Paper 178) Download [PDF | 2.44MB]

Mirzabaev, A., Wambui Njiraini, G., Gebremariam, G., Jourdain, D., Magaia, E., Julio, F., Mosse, G., Mutondo, J. and E. Mungata. 2019. Transboundary Water Resources for People and Nature: Challenges and Opportunities in the Olifants River Basin. (ZEF Working Paper 177) Download [PDF | 1.25MB]