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ZEF Working Papers

Njiraini, G., Ngigi, M. and E. Baraké. 2018. Women in African Agriculture: Integrating Women into Value Chains to Build a Stronger Sector. (ZEF Working Paper 175) Download [PDF | 2.09MB]

Muli, C., Gerber, N., Sakketa, T.G. and A. Mirzabaev. 2018. Ecosystem tipping points due to variable water availability and cascading effects on food security in Sub-Saharan Africa. (ZEF Working Paper 174) Download [PDF | 1.74MB]

G. Desalegn and S.N. Ali. 2018. Review of the Impact of Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) on Rural Welfare in Ethiopia. (ZEF Working Paper 173) Download [PDF | 2.25MB]

Salvatierra Rojas, A., Torres Toledo, V., Mrabet, F. and J. Müller. 2018. Improving milk value chains through solar milk cooling. (ZEF Working Paper 172) Download [PDF | 5.21MB]

Daum, T. 2018. Of Bulls and Bulbs - Aspirations and perceptions of rural youth in Zambia. (ZEF Working Paper 171) Download [PDF | 2.49MB]

Beuchelt, T. and S. Nischalke. 2018. Adding a gender lens in quantitative development research on food and non-food biomass production: A guide for sex-disaggregated data collection. (ZEF Working Paper 170) Download [PDF | 869.36KB]

Kirui, O.K. and J. von Braun. 2018. Mechanization in African Agriculture A Continental Overview on Patterns and Dynamics. (ZEF Working Paper 169) Download [PDF | 0.98MB]

Bekchanov M. and P. Evia. 2018. Resources Recovery and Reuse in Sanitation and Wastewater Systems: Options and Investment Climate in South and Southeast Asian Countries. (ZEF Working Paper 168) Download [PDF | 2.74MB]

von Braun, J. 2018. Innovations to Overcome the Increasingly Complex Problems of Hunger. (ZEF Working Paper 167) Download [PDF | 1.95MB]

Tambo, J.A. 2018. Recognizing and rewarding farmers’ creativity through contests: experiences and insights from four African countries. (ZEF Working Paper 166) Download [PDF | 1.16MB]

Christinck, A., Rattunde, F., Kergna, A., Mulinge, W. and E. Weltzien. 2018. Identifying Options for the Development of Sustainable Seed Systems - Insights from Kenya and Mali. (ZEF Working Paper 165) Download [PDF | 1.32MB]

Kirui. O.K. and M. Kozicka. 2018. Vocational Education and Training for Farmers and Other Actors in the Agri-Food Value Chain in Africa. (ZEF Working Paper 164) Download [PDF | 1.66MB]