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Dr. Günther Manske
Ms. Maike Retat-Amin


BIGS-DR alumni

BIGS-DR aims to educate future decision makers for an international career in a development-oriented context. As a result, our graduates go on to do some amazing work. BIGS-DR alumni work all over the world in international and national develoment organizations. Many are affiliated closely with government agencies, research institutes and universities.

A career survey about BIGS-DR alumni showed that roughtly 70% of our graduates from a developing or transition country returned to their home country to take up positions in fields of research, teaching, administration, and governance. 9% of the alumni found jobs in international organizations like the World Bank, CGIAR centers, or United Nations organizations. 2% found postdoc positions in a development related context in Germany. 15% found a job in another OECD country.

A list of our alumni can be found under under our staff section.

Staying connected

Additional alumni networks can be found:

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Alumni Newsletters

We try our best to stay contected with our alumni. Every year, we compile a newsletter that lists all of our alumni accomplishments, and any new gradutes that have joined the alumni network.