Daniel Spalthoff

Research themes
  • Growth, inequality and poverty
  • Global development and trade
Research countries
  • Ghana
Working groups

Culture, Knowledge and Development/ Natural Resources and Social Dynamics

Professional experience
Research training in the Philippines (2001); Tutor at the Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld (2001/02); MA research on an EU-private sector promotion-project and the political role of business associations in Morocco (2004); Internships at the Welthaus Bielefeld (2002), RAG AG (Brussels, 2003), GTZ (Casablanca, 2004) and EADI (Bonn, 2006)

Certificate in Business administration (University of Bielefeld, 2002);

Certificate in European studies (University of Bielefeld, 2003);

Certificat d'Etudes Politiques (IEP de Bordeaux, 2004);

Master in Sociology (University of Bielefeld, 2005)

Funding institutions

GLOWA project (BMBF)


Spalthoff, Daniel.  2005.  Wirtschaftsförderung als Demokratieförderung? Zur Förderung marokkanischer Unternehmerverbände im Rahmen der Euro-Mediterranen Partnerschaft und deren Einfluß auf Demokratisierung in Marokko (Business Promotion as Democracy Promotion?).  Master thesis at  University of Bielefeld.  Download [PDF]
Download (english) [PDF]
Download (german) [PDF]

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Daniel Spalthoff