After-defense celebration for Dr. Joshua Ntajal and Dr. Yasobant Sandul

July 07, 2022.  

After having defended their doctoral theses in Covid-19-induced digital mode, two of our former BIGS-DR and One Health students, Joshua Ntajal (Ghana) and Yasobant Sandul (India) received in-person congratulations at ZEF on their doctoral degrees.

Yasobant, now based in Ahmedabad, was back for a work-visit to ZEF where he gave a public lecture on "Multi-sectoral collaborations for routine health services during COVID19 pandemic in Ahmedabad, India: Preliminary findings from CoV Intersect project" (video-recording to be published soon):


In the photo from left to right: Timo Falkenberg (left), former One Health coordinator and tutor, Yasobant Sandul, and Joshua Ntajal. Photo: Silja Mertens.


Read more about Joshua Ntajal and his doctoral research on "Linking land use dynamics and surface water systems in Accra, Ghana: a human health risk perspective" (doctoral thesis not published yet) here.

Read more about Yasobant Sandul and his doctoral research on "Operationalization of multi-sectoral collaboration in One Health: A health system study in Ahmedabad, India" here
[Doctoral thesis: Yasobant, S. 2021.  Research to explore Intersectoral Collaborations for One Health Approach (RICOHA): A health system study in Ahmedabad, India. Doctoral thesis at  Faculty of Medicine, University of Bonn].