ZEF Public Lecture: Carbon Farming and Welfare: Evidence from Northern Ghana

June 23, 2022 | 13:30 h - 14:30 h

We would like to invite you to the ZEF Public Lecture THURSDAY, June 23th, 13:30-14:30 (CET).

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Carbon Farming and Welfare: Evidence from Northern Ghana

… to be presented by Charles Okyere, University of Ghana (Legon) and vising researcher at ZEF

Abstract: Carbon farming, particularly soil carbon climate strategies, has recently emerged as a popular tool in addressing climate change and variability in worldwide agriculture. Yet, there is a paucity of evidence on its application, and even more so limited evidence exists on the welfare impacts in developing countries, where the negative impacts of climate change and variability remain disproportionately higher. This study presents results from a biochar and compost production training of farm households in Northern Ghana. We find that the intervention had statistically and significantly positive effects on climate and variability adaptation strategies, productivity, and welfare outcomes. The results show the prospect of using soil carbon climate change strategies in improving the welfare of farm households in developing countries.

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Dr. Lukas Kornher